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Artist: DJ JS1 f/ Kool G Rap
Album:  Ground Original/Take a Loss 12"
Song:   Take a Loss
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[JS1 scratches]
"Everywhere that I go brothers know my fuckin name" -> Big L, "Yes You May (Remix)"
KGR baby, Kool G Rap
Giacanna nigga
'Kool G Rap'
Queens shit
"Everywhere that I go brothers know my fuckin name" -> Big L
Ya niggas know the half
'Kool G Rap'

[Kool G Rap]
Yo check it yo yo
Yo if it ain't about the dough
than I ain't with it at all
Wrong nigga to call if the bid is to small
People war, spit it the more
Quick fall, double digit and more
When other builders hit 'em with horse
Go shop killin' me mores
Dare at the head, mister shit on the wall
Pitt fall and shiver with morgues
You got big balls and smith 'em
'til they smithen their jaws
and river the floors
Take comes of the safety locks
You better know it for the cake we rock
Or them pies up in the page we spot
Was it for your man, I take these blocks
Twins shot, 'til the stake be hot
Fuck around, you'll get faced be hot
Eighty shots in the grate we dropped
Let it go and trake pound long fluid
Get leaned over the steering wheel with the horn blowing
Oh shit, blood is out your spelly torn open
Shit up with the weight to nigga Blake Borns growing

[JS1 scratches]
"Kool G Rap"
"You rappin' to me, you lose"
"Going out, how dare you fuck with me"
"Kool G Rap"
"You rappin' to me, you take a loss"
"You lose"
"Going out, how dare you fuck with me"

[Kool G Rap]
Aiyo check it yo
There's only one life to live nigga
Gotta feed the wife and kids nigga
For that loot like ya wid nigga
For that steak and rice and dice nights with big figures
For them chips that bag their bitch with the tight figure
For that yacht down at the dock with that white stip up
For them dinners under the candle-light with nice liquor
For the person brag when G's fallin' this week
with my hand at the back of the chicks' head
blowin' my dick dad
For them guns that got big battles for big lads
For that wall to wall carpet inside the big spread
Yo I'ma pulitrate the paddles lay them face down
star ways down placin' rounds 'til the say found
Bitch take down rape now left the lace down
Down on the couch fuck her mouth 'til her face frown
It's all for the cream not behind the wall in the greens
Everything that glitter it call for the scheme
my ball for the team, nigga

[JS1 scratches]
"Get this through your head, you only exsist out here because of me"
"Don't ever go over my fuckin' head again, you motherfuckin' jew"
Queens shit for real nigga
"Kool G Rap"
"You rappin' to me, you take a loss"
"You lose"
"Going out, how dare you fuck with me"

[Kool G Rap]
G Rap Giacanna
My nigga JS1 coming through
That niggas fall back
That catch hot ones
It's like that Queens shit knawhatImean
For the motherfuckin' flat lands
how they call it that?
That's when niggas get laughed flat at
for real you figure it out

[JS1 scratches]
"And that goes to anybody that gotta pay they dues" -> Ill Street Blues