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Artist: DJ JS-1 f/ Tonedeff
Album:  No One Cares
Song:   Last to Know
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: Tonedeff]
"Everybody knows... but meeee!"
Say what, say what?
"Everybody knows... but meeee!"
Yo; I am the omnipotent, all knowin
"Everybody knows... but meeee!"
Hehe! Yo, yo JS man
"Everybody knows..."
I think you should try scratchin with the other hand
"... but meeee!"
Don't ask I just know

Yo when did everyone become a muh'fuckin expert?
Source of all knowledge, center of the network
Absolute phony they posin, at best it's guesswork
Ask 'em if they know when they don't and they give you the yes first
And every day it gets worse; the next person to give me a lecture
tellin me why my head hurts gets dentures!
Looks like little Ms. Know-It-All gave up the booty to Mr. Told-You-So
to save her cherry, but he was mistaken on which hole to poke
and had you, a bit of a snafu - considerin critical people like you
were the first to predict the bad news, of sins and taboos
The, type of mo-rons that all deny when they're wrong
and wouldn't get nothin out of this verse if they bought the rights to the song
But that's aight! I don't oppose advice, I close my mind for all unguided
notes to the blind I open my eyes to culture my wise source
But I'm supposed to rely on stoners ridin on they high horse?
I don't think so~! That's{?} no to my core, go order yours, go on

[Chorus: Tonedeff]
"Everybody knows... but meeee!"
Everybody knows; uhh, I tried to tell you but
"Everybody knows... but meeee!"
Uhh everybody knows; yo son, wish I could help you but
"Everybody knows... but meeee!"
Fuckin everybody knows! Uhh, I suppose that I'm hopeless cause
"Everybody knows... but meeee!"
Eh-er-everybody knows; yo but who knows, who knows?

New jacks stayin paid but my apartment's gettin teenier
Brag that they hate fame and then divulge it to the media
These cats aim mainly just to salt the shit they feedin ya
They facts change daily, son they walkin Wikipedias
And I'm often disobedient, I plot to rebel
I won't follow the good advice that I've always offered myself
It's constantly shelved
Yet everyone still wants to share the philosophies; well
if I humor tomorrow, there's no way I could possibly fail - right?
"You should be famous!" No doubt, I appreciate it
"Yo keep it underground for life"
Yeah of course, I love to be paid less~!
These lames peck at you sorta like pirahnas
So I roll with the punches in my recordings like Rihanna
"Why don't you tour with Common?"
{*sarcastically*} Awesome! More I never thought of!!
"You should go straight for Ke$ha"
Shit I'd rather be drawn and quartered by chihuahuas
"Well dumb it down like Jay" I'm too smart to live on my prowess
"Just get a track from Dr. Dre" Aight!
Well hold up while I call him {*DIALTONE*}
You got his number? I DON'T - but he answered no
then jammed the phone right in your fuckin piehole
'til it killed the dialtone
Cause I know, you mean well, and the crime isn't that
But money you makin up answers to questions I didn't ask!
And then to disguise it as facts? Pssh, "C'MON SON!"
That's lower than my balls hung
on a hot summer day runnin through Tulsa
But if you crave insight, like how to be great on the mic
Then you'd be an idiot not to take my advice, right?
But apparently

"Everybody knows... but meeee!"
Hey, I tried to tell you but
"Everybody knows... but meeee!"
Everybody knows; yo son, wish I could help you but
"Everybody knows... but meeee!"
He heh fuck it everybody knows!
Man I suppose that I'm hopeless cause
"Everybody knows... but meeee!"
Everybody knows; but who knows, who knows?

[Tonedeff: repeat 2X]
It seem the world got a secret that they wanna tell ya
A foolproof cure-all, that they wanna sell ya
Believe it or not, it's all an act of control
When people act like they know when they actually don't

[Outro: Tonedeff]
Yeah, you know, uhh
"Everybody knows... but meeee!"
You know what it is! Tonedeff
"Everybody knows... but meeee!"
JS-1, QN5, they say the only truism
is knowin that you don't know a God damn thing
"Everybody knows... but meeee!"
Word to my motherfuckin man SO-CRATES! Heh
"Everybody knows... but meeee!"
I know it's Socrates motherfucker

[DJ JS-1 scratches Milk "Get Off My Log" to the end]
"They think that they know but don't know what I'm knowin!"