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Artist: DJ Jazzy Jeff f/ Jill Scott
Album:  The Magnificent
Song:   We Live in Philly
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[Intro: Jill Scott]
(Ooooh-wah!) We live in Philly, baby
(Ooooh-wah!) Music in Philly, baby
(Ooooh-wah!) Music in philly, baby
(Ooooh-wah!) Music in philly, baby
[Jill Scott]
I heard it said, somebody had told me way back when
That when we dream it's always in black and white
Well that's something I can' t really attest to, y'know
Because I dream in Technicolor 
I dream that Dr. Julius Erving walked right to the YMCA 
on 52nd and Chestnut St.
He had on a Top Ten on one foot, and a Jack Purcell on the other
So he said he wanted to know if I wanted to head down to Kung Fu Theatre
at the Goldsman, y'know or something like that
Said Bilal, Jill Scott and Patti La-BELLE, OOOOH 
were playing at the spectrum
He was like... I don't know it was weird
He had a basketball for a mouth
And... when he spoke... it was like... 
I don't know, arrhythmic.. dribble or something
It was cool, you had to be there
So all of a SUDDEN, we're at Bartram High
And they're playin grads and, Hank Gathers are there
And Bo Kimble, and Pooh Richardson, remember him? Well I do!
And Lionel Simmons and Randy Wood, it was like a o-ASIS of athletes
And Bob Overton and, you know... Dawn Staley
Re-vrember, remember? 
How she ripped it at Tavis, had him wide open
The whole CITY would come and see
And I was there, with Dr. Julius Erving, RIIIIIIIGHT?
So I look over and Maurice Cheeks and Allen Iverson are rappin -- REALLY RAPPIN
And like, Bobby Dance and Lady B was havin a party
Somebody told me, and Cosmic Kev and Parry P, Butterball, The Tuff Crew 
Steady B, Cool C, and Schoolly D!!! were gonna be there
And Grandmaster Nell was the DJ, oooh!
Robbie V was the MC, ooooh~!
Scanner Boys poppin and lockin, you know how they do that thing!
When they do that uh-uh-uh-uh!
Mister Softee...
Cheese steak hoagies (and a Softee, got enough to get my tokens)
Tastykake cupcake!! (in the summer...)
Round the way STROMBOLIS!!
OOOOOOOOHH~!! Gotta get my mind off of food!
Gotta dream another dream, you know what I mean?
Mustard pretzel, Herb's BBQ
Frank's, Very, Berry, Black, Cherry soda!
Mmmmm! Gotta dream another dream, get my mind off of food!
So... I digress! Anyway, Frankie Beverly is on the radio
Singing, "Like SUNSHINE, and RAIN" Yeah, you know the one!
On the boombox, in my neighbor's kitchen
I get up on- ooh! I get up on the counter and..
I'm wearin my flip-flops and OOH! And pink rollers in my hair 
and Miss Jackie is talking about goin down Belmont Plateau
West River Drive, exceeding speed, Hunting Park, 61st Street
and then ALL of a sudden, Joe Fraiser JUMPS out the closet
(We live in Philly, baby)
(Music in Philly, baby)
(We come from Philly, baby)
(We live in Philly, baby)

Ain't the mind funny?