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Artist: DJ Jazzy Jeff f/ Shawn Stockman (Boyz II Men), Cy Young
Album:  The Magnificent
Song:   How I Do
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[Intro: Cy Young] (as Stockman ad-liubs in background)
Yo, my mic is... not on
How we do? Do it, c'mon
My mic's not on.. y'know?

[Chorus: Shawn Stockman]
Baby, this is how - (how I do)
Oh-oh-OH-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh - (how I do)
Baby, this is how I do - (how I do)
Oh-oh-OH-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh - (how I do)

[Shawn Stockman]
Girl I know you want...
You and what I got, because this energy
I'm sending you is hard for you to front
Oh-ohhh, in time...
I wanna give you some
But I'm not really sure if you can even handle me
or even get with where I'm comin from

[Bridge 1: Shawn Stockman]
So easily I approach
Spittin intellect so you get the most
Vibe with me cause I'm nowhere close
of being the run-of-the-mill
And you find the life I claim
It's how I live, cause I don't kick game
Ask me again and I'll tell you the same
Cause with me, it's no shame
It's just how I do


[Cy Young]
Listen, this is, not a game, no ball foul
I tooked a lifetime just to hunt you down
Your beautiful smile and the way you keep me aroused
Got me changin how I do to what can I do now
Is your option picked like Malone and Stock?
Then don't stop it, everything you do is love
It's like, everytime you move it's bugged
I got, somethin that'll change yo' life if you choose this love

[Bridge 2: Shawn Stockman]
Cause girl I like your style
The way you move and the way you smile
Had to sit you down so we could talk awhile
to see what's on your mind (What you thinkin?)
But before I let you in
Take your places you never been
The type of shit you go back and tell your friends
I had to check your profile

[Cy Young]
Yo, picture me not smooth with it
I'm diggin you but I'm tryin to stay cool with it
Miss, you too cute with it, attitude rude with it
You get it, it's somethin 'bout the way you move in it
Lookin like you need love
and I feel like doin you a favor - the pleasure's mine (all mine)
You leave them other lames behind
I'll give you some time, let you make up yor mind
It's your move now, take a minute I'ma cool out
It's nothin but a thing, say the word we cruise out
(C'mon) You and me, and we could do things
You out of state? Pack your bags, we could move things
I'm talkin 'bout movin more than just a few things
The car the crib, baby you can choose things
You with my last name, real nice cute rings
Cy and Shawn baby love, this is how we do things

[Chorus and ad-libs 'til fade]