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Artist: DJ I-Dee f/ Jean Grae, Wrekonize
Album:  The Right
Song:   The Right
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*scratched Speak & Spell: "Dee, Jay, I, Dee"*}

It's Wrekonize.. Jean Grae.. ha ha!
I spit a mean ol' lil' song bouncin past the break of dawn
'Til I wonder under which planet's orbit have I gone
I am the E-lectric, next shit you keep on hearin
With a million little soldiers holdin up the gold appearance
I ride along the third rail with six lonely senses
Beotch carries a burnt tail, she slides along the fences
See me, I can attain elite, off of the game
CD, sales are lame so F-F-F-FUCK radio play
We are the lost children runnin 'round in circles
Feelin off them flat screen dreams all in between commercials
I sit up in the nighttime wonderin why I even write lines
I thought the world was 'sposed to end w-w-way back, in the nine-nine
But oh my my, if I lie, then strike me down I see...
D-D-D-D-DJ I-Dee

[Chorus: DJ I-Dee]
Well hello, my children, how've you, been feeling?
The world is, unwilling, to make peace, for living
I see, they want to make a problem fightin me
But you can not control the soundwaves without the right I-Dee
I say well hello, my children, how've you, been feeling?

[Jean Grae]
Have you lookin mo' sedated
Faded out, with a razor blade in my mouth
Who the crazy lady? Boys want to know I'm out
No doubt, Jean Grae, they po' it out
Hey baby, you ready?
Just kind of like you like Detroit
In the daytime, ghost ghost
I'm naplam, you an A-bomb, coast coast
Smoke stogs, close fold, whatever goes
Rose golden vocal flows with the word tight
That's anybody comin with the nerve right
To get served right
Pedals hit the floor and it's a curb fight
But I'd rather wrestle with you tonight
If harassin occurs tonight, word to Christ
Simple like a Phife verse, reverse a verse from Phife
Words can't say what you really wanna do
When your actions can't imagine two in life
in Imax, with the adjectives
I'm an epidemic novel verbal masochist
When we kiss, I can sense you convinced to believe the name
But fame couldn't keep things in his hands 'til the lockdown
Just fantasy like puttin glocks down
Don't be mad at me, baby not now
We can both be ridin in the sunset, puttin the top down
Puttin the top down, puttin the top down, puttin the top down...


{*scratching to end*}