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Artist: DJ I-Dee f/ Eli Porter a/k/a E-Dollar
Album:  DJ's Have Feelings Too... But Can't Rap
Song:   Part-Time MC
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

I-Dee, age 23
Part time emcee, Super disc jockey
M-I-A to D.C. (or what?) The DMV
Where you from, where you at?
Regardless, I can't rap
But you know what? I know I'm whack

[DJ I-Dee]
At least I'm not annoying... AIGHT BET!
Yo dawgs, check my music on the MySpace friend request!
Writing rhymes are hard dude, especially this time around
Bar eight, out of breath, let me slow it down
Catch me in the Hilton, Palm Beach with Mr. Milton
Smoking {cigarettes} while his grandmother be quiltin'
Hip-hop is way too serious, so let me tell you why I'm here
Illest spic on the block, but no I don't cut grass
Don't disrespect me dude, save that for Lou Dobbs' racist ass!
But yo I'm not right, tell 'em I-Dee is some crack
I'll be laughin at you emcees cause you'll never comprehend
"The scratch!"


[Eli Porter]
Yo, see, it's yo' boy E-Dollar
Walk in the club and the girls they holla
Young Eezy baby, tell me where ya been
I've been up on the block collectin dem dividends
Yeah! They said a nigga couldn't rhyme
Like {?} my homeboys say we on time
So we gotta get it, no no stoppin
Like bunny ears nigga I'm never floppin
Yup dat bwoi, you better pay attention
Walk in the club and my name they mention
Young Eezy baby, nigga I'm the truth
Beat it up every time I step in the booth
God damn! (I'm hot) God damn I'm hot
And niggaz hatin on me just because they not (they not)
They like Eezy baby won't you give me a shot?
Like a stop sign 'cept I'm not gon' stop


[DJ I-Dee]
Top o' the mornin to ya! Verse tree
I-Dee back, pint of Guinness with me, lemme stop
Dead in the middle of a griddle little did he know the Skittles
is what made Kerry Kittles the worst basketball player EVER~!
Oh my God, I didn't think I could pull that off
I just feel like I jumped off a cliff... not!
Let's just go to chorus so they know how we rock
Isaac DeLima's for the people so we can party non-stop!


"Or do I?" (No) "Ah ha ha ha ha ha!"