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Artist: (DJ Ideal f/) Pitbull
Album:  Da Bottom, Vol. 2
Song:   Pitbull Freestyle
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Dis "Da Bottom" fuck boi
Pitbull! DJ Ideal
It's a 3-oh-5 movement, better say a revolution
And you know we got it on lock
Let 'em know-ah - yeah, yeah, yeah {*repeat 4X*}
Dis "Da Bottom" nigga!

Pitbull got 'em shook now
All y'all boys want is real crack rap get the coke start a cookout
Cause, I don't know nuttin 'bout nuttin nowhere
So don't even go there
To the police, feds, and the DEA
I'd rather be dead than a snitch all day
Bust head, bust lead with the same boys
that I break bread with - "Da Bottom" bitch!
Gotta speed it up, Miami heat it up
Y'all better D 'em up
These haters are worthless like a ki uncut
We don't see them, but they damn sure see us
Got 'em callin on Jesus, believe us
When we say we hit nuttin but bad bitches and divas, so leave us
the hell alone unless you wanna catch a fever
From the heater, 3-oh-five, let's ride, let's go

[repeat 2X]
Let 'em know - yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Lil Jon]
Dis "Da Bottom" nigga!
Ideal drop some mo' fire shit on these niggaz, let's go!