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Artist: DJ Honda f/ Problemz	
Album:  HII
Song:   Around the Clock
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F.B., B.K., G.P. universal.

Verse 1:
I specialize in poetic calisthenics 
And stay on my P's and Q's like alphabetics
Who else could it be but no other then the P.R.O.B.
L.E.M.Z. and my right hand man from G.P.
B.K. collaboration we spark lye stay high like inflation
(What?) Patient back and fourth on this track
Puttin' facts on wax without hesitation
They'll be no mistakin' we makin'
Nothin' but power moves ill representation
While DJ Honda cut shit up like Jason
Cross fadin' back and forth on S.L.
Twelve double 0 spark dros get blessed L's 
Get twisted like pretzels when the dred sells
Me the buddah blessed I spark up then the red cells
In my eyes become highly prevalent, anti benevolent
Never hesitant to represent

Fromt he land of G.P. to the streets of F.B.
"I represent from midnight to high noon" -GZA 'Liquid Swords'
Problemz Honda collaboration been awaitin'
From the streets of F.B. to the land of G.P.
"I represent from midnight to high noon" 
"Drop megaton bombs" -GZA 'Liquid Swords'

Verse 2:
A-yo this industry is overflooded with acresses and actors
Perpetrating the role of rappers with theatric tactics
Constantly contributing to wackness
Never surpass this cause you lack this perhaps it's
Your lack of practice got you soundin' ass backwards
Well I'm here to flip the script like gymnastics 
On y'all wack bastards 
The shit I kick is from the heart rappers use to rhymes 
now there's nothing but actors playin' parts
Instead of spendin' time in the lab writtin' lines
Niggas is basin' they whole rhyme on fictonal crime
When half the time
These niggas is straight up suburbaners 
Talkin' about they murderers and burgulars


Verse 3:
A-yo I manufacture hits like a factory my faculty 
Is backin' rappin' be what enables me
To live lavishly
Happily ever after who the master
Rememver me Problemz comprehending me? 
Mad energy when it be time for action
No swingin' or knuckles strickly ammo blastin'
Kill The Noise part II 
J.P., P.K. collaboration to be continuned