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Artist: DJ Honda f/ Fat Lip
Album:  HII
Song:   Fat Lip (Interlude)
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Yes your back on KTOP classic hip hop station
takin' you way back on this one with Fat Lip
recorded in New York City 1997.
And you'll be hearing scratches performed by DJ Honda
who produces this exciting track entitled...
uh ha you guessed it. Fat Lip.

Fat Lip:
I'm sick and tired of suckers second guessin'
When they know that I'm fresh with no question
To be or not to be you got's to see
When I'm sayin' when I say I'm the F.A.T.
Nigga L.I.P. my wildstyle on pause
When I was a toddler use to shit in my drawers
Now I'm all grown with style and class
But yo still sometimes I forget to wipe my ass
I like to bump rock and roll soul and jazz
Say what's up to the fool Flip and Ras Kass
No I'm not Catholic fuck a pope and a mass
Take a flight to France get faded in first class
Assholes be hatin' cause my lifestyle's the bomb
Hop in the Q then I Cruise like Tom
I'm trying to stay calm when I ring thee alarm
But I got more styles then mad cows on the farm

Oh yeah that shit was tight.