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Artist: DJ Felli Fel f/ Faboulous, Jermaine Dupri, Kanye West, Ne-Yo
Album:  Go DJ!
Song:   The Finer Things
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[Kanye West]
Uh, Felli Fel, Ne-Yo, Yeesy, Calm Down, Easy, Easy

[Chorus: Ne-Yo]
Keep tellin' me you got a man
But he can't do what I can
Let me, show You what you been missin'
Keep showin' you the minor thing
Let me, show you the finer thing
Let me, show you what you been missin'

[Kanye West]
Right about this time raise your glasses
What's my motivation, that ass is
Start a conversation, like as if
You really want to know about a day in that shit
Go ahead and tell the DJ to play Swizz
So I ain't gotta tell these hoes who I is
Bitches hatin' again that's music to my ears
What's you think my fuel was for all Of these years?
I'm inspired when people don't like me
It keep me writing so exciting
Man, the drama is so enticing
I might just bite a motherfucker like Tyson
And just too fly a motherfucker show your chain
Throw your cash, that's cake and icing
I asked her 'you buying?'
She said 'no just sizin''
Maybe that's just because you ain't found the right thing? yeah! 


Let me show you what is like to be the wife
Of a nigga with a life
That make your head spin around
See it's funny coz I know what you like
But I be see'in you with niggas that ain't right, round hard top
Know'in that you really, really want's your top down
Know'in really that it's time to stop a run around
We don't live twice, only life once
And I know you like nice
So how you gone front on me?
Baby, I'm the boss JD
With him its a limit
With me its a spree
He buy cars
I write you poetry
He send flowers
I send Mercedez
Like ye, say, heaven is everything that heaven it is
And yes, I guess, I'm into trickin' of bizz
But shit, If you had it like I got it
Then you got it as a kid
You say the same thing to a girl
That I just said


The life I live, fit for a King
Now all I need fine little dime that's sharin my shine 
We sit back, watch the haters go by

I'm not tryna' keep it lost too a minimum
If you associating been in em' or winnin' em' 
Then I say I was nine out of ten of them
Frankly I no been and them I like spendin' them
You like the smooth I can white lend'in them
You wan't a thug, hey I look good in a timb
You might win some, but everybody lost one
I put a check on that like Airforce One's
It's easier to lose her than to find her
So wine her and dine her, and treat her to the finer
Things, lines, from the top designers
Bling, shine, like you tryin'a blind her
These are just reminders
Just too sign 'Her'
Show her you find 'Her'
Eight, one of a kind 'Her'
Seen a lot of ass, but that one behind her
Let's just say that I'm diggin' that like a miner, ya digg?

[Chorus - 2x]

KanYe, Ne-Yo 
JD, Low So
Felli Fel on the track
All the haters take two steps back
And we gone