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Artist: DJ Drama f/ Jadakiss, La the Darkman, Willie the Kid, Yung Joc
Album:  Gangsta Grillz: The Album
Song:   Throw Ya Sets Up
Typed by: Davida.b.

[Chorus X6: La the Darkman]
Hustler, gettin yo cash, now throw ya sets up
Gangsta, gettin yo cash, now throw ya stes up

[Yung Joc]
I got big nuts, they call me big drawers
Cut the work four ways, they call me Jigsaw
I'm posted on the block with my dick in hand
Chevy super clean, the call it spic and span
Ask me where I live, what I represent
I'll tell ya'll the first letter of the alphabet
Yeah I do this shit, and I ain't never lie
I am hip-hop, bitch it never died
No who got sumthin to say, we got gun play
I seen you at the car, first class, one way
Yeah I got airlines, east and the west coast
Niggas on the bottom of the map got the best dope
I betcha bitch'll break her neck just to know Joc
Then I take time to beat her back, beat her throatbox
The .44 cocked, throw shots through your o spot
No door lock, ??? shot three or four cops

[Chorus X5]

[Willie the Kid]
Ayo, Duffle Bag Willie, magnify my swag
It's Mr. Cop Heavy, pop, remove my tag
Keep a steady hand, I'm not a petty man
I make it rain on bitches, the confetti man
Fifty nine fifty capo on tilt, my ratchet is filled
Put you on the back of the milk
I'm focused, DeRay when I'm taking a shot
I put you under the bus, the breaks and shocks
My niggas move white blocks, but no styrofoam
Willie The Kid, I got bars like xylophones
Come on man, these niggas can't fuck with me
We ran a train on your girl, you can't fuck with me
I give my cash up, I'm very clever
Niggas far from the point like Marietta
A Town nigga, goin to flip number like score recorders
This niggas change for a dollar like four quarters

[Chorus X4]

Word on the street is say ya'll bitch
The AR spit, I get higher than JR Smith
A lose lose situation, can't even win
I seen niggas burn their bridges, they can't even swim
I'm knee deep in the mob, any problems, I just send em to God
I'm in the hood like benefit cards
But this case got me lampin
Old school Levi Jacket with the lamp skins, skully and a champion
Wifebeater under the tee
Got the champer's hand stamp on the bundle of d
Got the throw away burners stashed under the tree
Got my Baltimore nigga lookin out, now that's hustlin to me
Can't wait to squirt lead in your back
Kid it matter if it's a sale from the county or it's federal crack
Kid, life on the back end or even a flat bin
Either a flat bed, throw your sets up if you gettin the stacks in

[Chorus X6]