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Artist: DJ Drama f/ La the Darkman, Willie the Kid
Album:  Gangsta Grillz: The Album
Song:   Makin' Money Smokin'
Typed by: Davida.b.

[Chorus X4: La the Darkman]
Makin money smokin weed
Nigga frontin, nigga bleed
Makin money fuckin hoes
Nigga, that's just how it goes

[Willie the Kid]
This ain't rap, it's a driveby
Shit is real, catch ya man slippin walkin ouyya Popeye's
Bullets fly through your bag, fly through your drink
Bullets cut a man down, blood on the mink
There's blood in the street, see the crowd forming
You had a show for the crowd, put on a performance
Think about it, it's kinda hard, you on the ground twitching
Brother hoping you recover, downtown snitchin
'I know who did it, niggas from the other side
They recognize my face, they know my brother, right'
Meanwhile I'm in the hood, chevy still rolling
The fiends still smokin, the cops still patrolling
Sing Sing is the shooters, the gargoyles
How you want it? You can get it, big charboiled
I'm Mongolian, we get them goolies in
We down south trafficing, bring that holy in
And welcome to the midwest, firearm central
Mad trap houses, dope fiend rentals
In the club stuntin, sweatin mad bitches
Airbrush Tupac, backdrop vintage
Flick it up homie, lift it up homie
Hennessey, it's a tab, pick it up homie
Pick it up nigga, I ain't paying for shit
I see you outside, I'm sparying my shit

[Chorus X3]