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Artist: DJ Drama f/ Chris Brown, J. Cole
Album:  Third Power
Song:	Undercover
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[Intro - DJ Drama - talking]
Baby, I won't tell if you won't tell
I mean, we can keep it on the hush hush
Let me show you

[Verse 1 - Chris Brown]
I ain't gonna lie, I'm fiendin 'cause I need it
And I'm diggin you a lot, now you still catchin feelings
But I'm feelin on your spots, no kiddin when I hit it
I be lickin on your spine, playin with your mind
I ain't gonna stop, when I finish, I be in it
I be fuckin with the lights on, that's the shit that I'm on
Give it all I got, your body and my body
We be feelin, scratchin, screamin, now

[Chorus - Chris Brown] - 2X - w/ ad libs
(Hey shorty), where we go and (aye)
Nobody has to know but you
Ain't nobody gon' see you
Under-cover (cover, cover)

[Verse 2 - J. Cole]
Hey, one thing you should know about me is I never play to lose (huh)
Always aim high and rarely obey the rules
Never tell my business, if I did, it'd make the news
They say time is like money, you should come here, pay your dues
And come and kick it, can I get a minute, maybe an hour? (huh)
Would you let me peek my head in for a second while you shower (huh)
I bet you got some real good power, if you feel me
I'm on some Marvin Gaye shit, you know just what's gon' +heal+ me, baby

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs

[Verse 3 - Chris Brown]
I said excuse me Mrs. Officer, can you go undercover for me?
Ain't enough liquor in your cup, get the waitress here, then let her pour it, up (up)
I'm tryin to get you drunk as fuck
Take her to my crib, then I lock her in them handcuffs (handcuffs)
Panties off, stupid booty
Ready for war, Call of Duty
She said I got the right to remain silent
And I gotta give it to her rough but I better not get violent (ha!)
Girl my chain feel like an anchor
And when I told you to use your head, I ain't want you to be no thinker
And we ain't gon' waste this drink up, these haters sort of like cankers
While I'm countin all this paper and my ears shine like twinkle, twinkle (haha)
Big star, get my car, I don't valet that
You a weak nigga, pussy in the street 'cause you're alley cat
And I'm loyal to my fans 'cause I love ‘em
So girl if you a fan, you can meet me undercover like

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs

[Outro - DJ Drama - talking]
(Undercover shorty)
DJ Drama, Breezy, Cole World