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Artist: DJ Cosm f/ KLH Ali
Album:  Time and Space
Song:   Relax
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[KLH Ali]
Writin with my solitude up in the track
I'ma be, nobody but me, unwealthy and unique
Always stylin, still rockin a throwback
Nope - I'ma navigate my own path, like it or love it
No other, I love the Cleopatra
Pokerfaces bein traitor later breakin into laughter
She's lost, she grew up in the Bronx
Where the blind couldn't care less, advocatin social awareness
Much more to music from jazz to blues and
rock and rollin with the turntables samplin the vocals
String along the spoken word for the people to learn
Life's a struggle to get what you deserve
Word, back to the beauty of this queen I've been speakin of
Verbal intercourse with a girl that me seek and love
Message in word, deeper than you can dig
Be intriguin as it is, it's original kid

[KLH Ali]
Yo, yo
Reminisce in Phillipines, ponderin fresh throughts
Hip-Hop all over the wall, she been travellin far
Since Roy Ayers been "Searchin'" when Dilla done metered
Cleopatra disappeared; I find her I'ma keep her (she's mine)
Precious like Mona Lisa, shinin like the moonlight (uh-huh)
Moody but too nice, cocky but confident
She reside anonymous, and she's hard to miss
Such a persuasive chick, she left her brother with a kiss
Cleopatra's my desire, hopefully I'ma find her
Explore her like Dora, investigate environment
She's so close, low pro, she left a brother solo
No joke like Marco with no Polo; I'm often in my own zone
Got into the melody she's sendin me
She's my life's centerpiece much more than a friend to me
I, give her energy, creative with my romance
Speakin smooth poetry like yo man, yo and

Got got got to swagger on this
Listen to this (what?)
You serious? (Like the wood from my hood man)
Relax, what, what?
Relax... yo
KLH, yo yo

[KLH Ali]
Head bobbin to Joslyn, jazzin down to Earth on comet
Barely political yet I know my nation's starvin
Phillipines and Ethopia, I'm deeply rooted
Each is far from Utopia but don't be stupid
Written history like blueprints, keep doin what I'm doin
Seekin knowledge I know Cleopatra's got it
Revolutionary artist with a golden age conscience
We intermet like secretaries in the boss's office
And fuck bein famous but she's all about her paper
The reason why she's lost and nobody's tryin to save her
I offer all my gold as a tribute from my dome
Over, sacred scrolls that I carry in my robe
I, need to know where she been at lately - and
Wherever she ventures I hope she take me - cause
Me and this lady been together for a while
Hypnotized by Cleopatra's benevolent smile