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Artist: DJ Cosm f/ Ghettosocks, Prince Po
Album:  Time and Space
Song:   No Reason
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro/Chorus: repeat 2X]
"There ain't no reason why" {*3X*}
"I know one day you'll see that"

[Prince Po]
Yo, another +Poseidon Adventure+ with new dimensions
Arrive as the MySpace shuttle with true intentions
The purpose to share the untold truth
Like the cries from the streets to the danger that lies ahead for the youth
No more boys clubs, no after school programs
No more hood love, just small babies havin babies and daytime slow jams
But it's time to shake the curse
And no I'm not willing to wait for the worst
Pack heat but first reach for the solution
Cold as the streets of Calgary seekin retribution
Can't stop the steel dagger of rhymes
Still merkin and still hurtin, the creative executions
Splash~! 'Til the whole crowd get wet
Gettin it in, so whenever you ready to step
to my hard knock, passionate raw play y'all classic
Let's do it Prince Po, uhh, keepin it mashin


The sight of 2012 leaves hundreds lifeless
Under crisis, meanwhile I'm drunk and nice
But gotta always keep a Goddess like I run with Isis
Socks is nice, so don't get your thunder heisted
Kids in class hate my advice then do math
Pay attention pull your head out your ass and doo-rag
Those who try do well and those who don't do bad
Don't let your letters break into shapes like doodad
The scene on the street is like seen in the street
gettin interviewed on camera in jeans by his feet
Art imitates life, thrusters on the missiles ignite
State of the art ain't to eliminate life
With bombs over Baghdad and moms choose the bay tag
Ronnie dark carob, Betty blonde as a haystack
I get my props, get lost on the way back
Ghettosocks you kiddies get fond of the nametag