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Artist: DJ Cosm f/ Insight
Album:  Time and Space
Song:   Learn From Mistakes
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Insight in the place to be, and guess what?

I learn from mistakes, gotta earn what I take
Couldn't learn it in the past, didn't concern to me
Never concerned with the fate, clever I scored when I'd brake
When I'd lie I had to retire basically turnin to snake
Pullin out an ace, haters they observe and debase
Either way they won't acknowledge when your words is embraced
Be consistent~! Success is not a permanent place
Make a pathway, when they be throwin dirt in your face
See the broken glass that's smashed on the curb but it's late
You better walkin into that after observin the place
I speak the words I create, sucker herbs be fake
And any girlie y'all was dissin I'll convert to replace
If you ain't in it you {?} a waste
When I was hired I was fired better early than late
When the wax hates, move back, gonna turn or you break
Be a fool to run in circles, now you learn from mistakes

It's Insight and I suggest that you learn from mistakes
Many decisions are based, on what I yearn to create
An early {?} it was those suckers I prefer that you wait
While I was mixin what I'm missing's what you heard on the tape
Beats worshipped, and crates reach a nerve to my vein
Read the contract I'm thorough and the designs you will break
Inner state innovate in a way which'll pay when it's played
Jugular veins, overpowers the servant of hate
Heard the Presidential elections on a journey to bank
Whatever there's a poll that's merciless, a surface to take
Soul survivors in the fire that I grind in my state
Inner high school, students new how to worldly escape
Vietnam wasn't an honest mistake
What did we learn from Kuwait? With some concern it's too late
Forever losin resolutions that I'm certain we make
Redo the future, or you can choose to learn from mistakes

And if you didn't know by now, it's Insight
That's right, Insight
Done through dot, Insight dot FM
And this one goes out to my man DJ Cosm
For all y'all keepin on
I'm outta here, peace