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Artist: DJ Cosm f/ Rasul Syed a/k/a Mangolassi
Album:  Time and Space
Song:   Hi
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Yeah, DJ Cosm on the beat like
Uhh, Rasul on the track like
Yeah, the DFB in the place like

[Rasul Syed]
Yeah, you know the trials, tribulations
The wild jubilations, the wild lose they patience/patients
like a nurse that don't concentrate
OJ fresh squeezed, every day feelin great
Well at the least the last few I have
Gotta keep it movin 'til I see what a view I have
And it ain't nuttin wrong with gettin right
I am dead serious, you suckers need to get a life
like a video game do
Your buttons get pushed, then they pay you
And me and Cosm, we ain't into that
You chumps came in, so I ain't into rap
I'm into what rap fin' to change to
Can you feel it? Nothin can save you
I sip green tea and not Grey Goose
And ladies greet me on the street like 'Hey you... hi!'

[Rasul Syed]
Another Rocky Mountain plateau
Another festival, don't miss that show
I got too much to ride on this
You wanna judge me like a panelist?
Den you won't reap the benefits
I got these flows, and I'm in the mix
like a high ball - say hi y'all
All the critics in the place say HI BALLS~!
And you can get 'em like every day
Like a lotto ticket except holidays
I always make beats on those ones
My snotty attitude make your nose run
and make your eyes all watery
I break +Bonds+ with you guys like Connery
It ain't no stoppin me silly dawg
So why you get all dressed up chili dogs?
And you can ask Cos' any day
He will not deal wit you in any way
He too busy at Romano's
You can't get portion of his time like Motto's
Give him a bottle that is real son
and he will be the opposite of heat wave, chill son
Chill son, chill son, chill son, chillllllll