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Artist: DJ Cosm f/ Moka Only, Teekay
Album:  Time and Space
Song:   Day That's New
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Yeah, Cosm this shit sound, amazin
Whattup Re? Ensure, ensure, boyeeeee
Here's little story, a little rundown

[Moka Only]
Yo yo I keep goin over in my mind if one one time
will be granted to me then I wouldn't be a dummy
Let me think, how can I approach, when she broke off the deal
Dumpin Mok' out, she lost, all to dust
My psychic told me I should go at it just like a bus
and bust through her ice fortress; he said it started to melt
I want to be part of the guilt, I'm a retard and I milked
every other option, finally goin over
old e-mails don't wanna hold females that ain't her
This is what I told females that know her
If she would just listen to Mok' closely
She can proceed and continue to rock the mic~!
My mic's all about her, my nights full of doubt here
I'm thinkin I should get a flight and fly to her hideout
where she gets, up in her own hometown
She been goin over options but only one gold crown exists
That's mine if I persist, no guts no glory
No minus just a plus, end of story
And happily ever after...
I gotta be crafty but honest if I wanna close the chapter

Wrapped her up, a real smooth bouquet
And I run up the celly like I'm on the way
But through the course hit some road delays
Pray on frantic, the heart stays out, way out
on a lift, I took it on the chin before
Now I'm more forward, talk it out-afied
I tried, I cried, I sighed, I doubted
All the options free trust already been scouted
The lips let loose so the truce just shattered
Matter of fact it was some words like daggers
that made the pants sag all like yours truly
Really crazy uptight, actin unruly
Tomfoolery once, but if Tom fools twice
you might get robbed of all the sugar and spice
that's so nice in your life...
That's 20/20 advice but one to temper's past
The foundation lays what's got to last
Off the gas, lookin at the front door
Nah not broke but the soul's so poor
And what's in store? Man I ain't got a clue
But keep pushin on to a day that's new
A day that's new, a day that's new