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Artist: DJ Cosm f/ KazMega
Album:  Time and Space
Song:   Cosm Mega
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*scratched repeatedly: "Aww yeah!"*}

Yo, yo it's a motherfuckin Transformer
Your ex-man's former formulated high top cut box Pandora
You wanna step to this? I will split your neck like it's
confeka{?} disconnected just cause I support separatists
I'm more of a Methodist, my method is methodical
Where Midwest is mythological and thus inaudible
What's the logic, now I wanna know?
We spit different from Toronto so original's an obstacle?
Instead we create more Drakes who procreate
and vacate for the states and leave us, duh, are we slow?
Rhymes are water soluble, so in the mix
Hip-Hop is not dead, it just slits its wrists
tryin to get a little bit, of an attention up in this bitch
You look all appalled/a-Paul'd like DJ in +Triple 6+
Money I hold-mo'/homo like a guy not into chicks
And my digits stick together like they're in some winter mitts

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Hey ay! Check one two one two
This is seven eight oh, oh what you gon' do?
Hey ay! Check the L-I-C
It's the D-F-E with the K-A-Z

Rock, dagnabbit it son, fiddlesticks
As I'm kickin it I'll school again, still actin like a hooligan
to be as cool as him the gangster on a stool still don't see him
Drag and punch my way through life the new flow is the old feelin
(Hadouken!) And that's with one punch man
You need to a Klu/clue like the Klux Klan
Touch dance like the fuckin ball in the ground
Pull a Sharpie out my socks, sign it, throw it in the crowd
I'm the people's champion, like the city that I'm from
Edmonton, where the monkey's on your back, we attack
Where I'm from, even crackheads here carry guns
What you make in a year yeah they make in 3 months
On the oil beds, sleepin with the tree trunks
Pissin with the seat up, pickup truck's a cheetah, yeehaw~!
That's what's keepin us grimy as fuck
So don't underestimate my city when you're sizin us up


{*scratching "Aw yeah!" repeatedly*}