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Artist: DJ Cosm f/ Qwazaar (Typical Cats)
Album:  Time and Space
Song:   Better World
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Yeah; now

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Do you really think we're gonna make this place a better world? {*3X*}
Better world, better world, better better better (world)

Yeah; you really need to sit back and listen for a minute
Don't nobody really ever told you that I did think - look at you
Won't even admit that, so you're an ignorant 22
Soon to be 25 to life if you don't get one
Seems every time we talk you speak up with a slick tongue
Don't wanna hear, don't wanna listen so you never learn
How you gonna get you where you need to get to goin to
if you don't take the time to poke what's on the road in front of you?
Instead of makin all them lame excuses for yourself
Pretty soon the opportunities turn into regret
Movin target, lookin for starships, frequent cars missed, spittin all this
That's not the truth, that's only the way you are kid
You wanna slip your life away but I ain't watchin it
I overstand that it's not in vain and there's so much pain
they gotta endure but still we gotta keep our minds pure

Got to make this place a better world {*4X*}

You doin more than just
swallowing your sorrows in that bottle when you take a sip
As if the sun won't rise tomorrow or you don't exist
Lookin in the mirror as a nigga trips, from out the corner of your lips
How could you let your spirit drift to tear the straight up diss?
And cain't escape, wakin up at 8, and bottle's on your plate
You say you cain't take it, but you gotta make it
You gotta do it so at least the children won't go through it
Prepare the future generations from ever makin this place a better world
(a better world) please help us make this place a better world
I try to, I try to tell you that you beautiful the way you are
Supermodel in my eye but all you see is scars
Infatuated with the concentrated images in magazines of superstars
Pulled up painted no real flaws but that's far from where you are
How we gonna make this place a better world to be in
if they never see it for theyself?
Please help us make this place a better world {*4X to fade*}