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Artist: DJ Babu f/ Rakaa Iriscience (Dilated Peoples)
Album:  Duck Season Vol. 2
Song:   Ends to Means
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Brrrrrr! {*scratched: "Uh oh"*}
(?) workin the whole coast baby
{"That's right y'all!" - Redman}
I rock mics {*"Uh oh"*}
Whattup Ev, Jake One
Los Skangeles, yo, yo
(Here we go!)

[Rakaa Iriscience]
I know this kid right, he spit raps on mics
He said he did it cause he want a better chance at life
He felt like the last wolf preyin on cattle
From high school to night clubs to radio battles
His name Wu, his fame in the game too
The label meetings, lawyers, and managers came too
Before the ink was dry on the dotted line
They were tryin to redesign his life with pop shine
He found he's a number, a product, a theme
But yesterday the A&R was jockin his team
Now they wanna gamble with his art, life, and dream
(Yeah hopin that the ends justify the means)

[Chorus: repeat 4X]
"We come from where the ends justify the means" - Evidence

[Rakaa Iriscience]
I know this girl right, she used to dance at night
She said she did it cause she want a better chance at life
She used to undress slow, while others would strip fast
Sassy with class and ass to get cash
She got dough but focused on graduation
Pre-med, if she has patience she'll have patients
Catch her with anatomy books on her breaks
or hustlin cats, conventions to vacations
Hit on, spit on, and lusted for
Too close to quit thinkin "What's it for?"
Cryin in the steam, still tryin to scrub herself clean
(But the ends justify the means)


[Rakaa Iriscience]
Aight check it check it
I know this cat right, he flip sacks at night
He did it so his daughter'd have a chance at life
To keep the lights on and make sure the snacks were right
No ice but his hats didn't match his Nikes
Money rolls and rubber bands, stacks were tight
He turned turned out his own block, how sad the sight
For his baby girl, that little lady's his world
But when beef came he had to react and fight
He was pumpin out in front of his crib, makin a killin
When he seen some fiends comin up the block illin
There was somethin 'bout the scene he was not feeling
He ain't tryin to get popped or get caught dealin
But then three shots came from what he thought were fiends
He woulda shot back but ran towards his daughter's screams
One hit her pillow, two hit her TV screen
(He wondered if the ends justified the means)


{*scratched to end: "That's right y'all!" - Redman*}