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Artist: Division
Album:  PJ's/Warzone 12" / Digital Recordings Sampler 2002
Song:   PJ's
Typed by: CnoEvil@Wu-Lyricz.Com

[Intro: ShaCronz (Freemurder)]
Straight murda (Division), this is gangsta right here
C.C.F., yeah, bring it back home, nigga
Where you from? (uh-oh)

Fort Green PJ's, rest in B.K.
Hop up when you see me, run the streets like relays
Did time, sold crack, you got weed, roll that
New rims, blue Benz, who them with them throwbacks
Freemurda, Shacrizzy, dirty, plus raw bizzy
Rip shows, get dough, only hoes ride with me
Fuck what they all say, hustle in the hallway
That white shit you call yae, 145th and Broadway
Never been a crook frontin', 'Cronz ready to jook somethin'
Bitch nigga, we make it known when we took somethin'
Surrounded by some thug shit, Nieta, Kings, Bloods, Crips
Crack spots, number hoes, black cops, I love this, where you from?

[Chorus: Freemurder (Shacronz)]
Freemurder (Shacronz)
Where you from? (Fort Greene)
Middle side (mobster)
Brook-lan (join the team)
Division (gangsta)
Run with them (gangsta)
Ya'll see us (regular) aiyo, we gangsta (uh-oh)

Aiyo, I'm still here, Air Force 1'in' it
Here to floss a hundred chicks
Right with ya, drunk off that white liquor
Gray goose might hit ya, over the melon
Who you tellin', we get right nigga
This is J-Freemurder, got it from his poppa
Known as Big Free Turner
Cuffie, did you touch me, yo my goons gon' squeeze burners
Pimp halls, ain't a sucker, gettin' balls, take the Rucker
Fifth jaw, bang your hummer, forget yours, take a number


Your boy be the mack like Max Julian
Tote gats, two of them
Right on 'em, stay with some Nike's on 'em
Lay back, slick fucker, look how we switch numbers
On that Benz-o, you know how the rims go
Never stop spinnin', that's how them little chickens
Never stop grinnin', that's how the seven got women
(Regular!) Pull over, while ya'll in the hood sober
Bored as hell, not noticin' I took over

I'mma keep cockin', heat poppin'
Out the club, inches, beat knockin'
That shit that got that Jeep lockin'
Get money, buy clothes, sick, hungry, rise slow
Sittin' on Mickey tires, hittin' that 5-0
Violate, we must kill, whole team, bust steele
In 90, my projects shut down, Deville
Seen a lot of rebels try, first the dude pedals by
Since '85, my hood known to let the metal fly

[Chorus 2X]

[Outro: Freemurder]
Yo, Fort Greene {*repeat in background 6 times*}