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Artist: Division f/ Dana Dane
Album:  Get a Job Bitch/Back in the Day 12"
Song:   Back in the Day
Typed by: CnoEvil@Wu-Lyricz.Com

[Intro: little girl]
One, two, we comin' for you
Cuffie Crime Family, -- for you
One, two, we comin' for you
Cuffie Crime Family, is comin' for you

[Chorus: Freemurda (sample)]
Back in the day, before I was a gangsta
Before I had a two-way, before I had haters
(What we gonna do right here is go back
Go-go-go back, go-go-go back)

[Dana Dane]
Back in the day, it's been a while since I've been a child
But even then, I had impeccable style
Chugalug, chugalug, three dice in a cup
Yo, put down one, you can pick up four bucks
What you know about that, or being in front the building
Stick ball, punch ball, parents give to children
Before the New York Lotto, a dollar and a dream
Runnin' illegal numbers, got young Dane cream
That's when Puma and Fila was hot in the streets
I had British and Valley, wallabies on the feet
God bless Biggie and that nigga Jermaine
But nobody had the Gucci frames before Dana Dane
That when hip hop was young and so was I
You better do what you can now, cuz time flies by
Fort Green original, Dana Dane the original
Kangol Crew, '83, respect the original


Yo, 1982, I came through
August, I burst out my moms womb
There goes a gangsta from out a dark room
C.C.F., ain't a cartoon
On Friday, man this is Cuffie Crime Fam
We supply yay', we move like the highway
Real fast, I'm try'nna see some real cash
Become made like Billy Bath
Back in the days, my niggas would post up
Adidas suits, my goons was roped up
Before I had to go to school wit a bow-cut
Where the whole class laughed, I had to go nuts
Came back to school wit Dirty's rope chain
Rockin', no white tee wit no name
Wit my face on it, that's about to go to post
Wit my face on it, put your cake on it

Before I got dough or had a hot flow
I used to sip Calvin coolers rock a leases and lottos
Back flips made mud pies, live the hard one
Five sixty N.V., Ty Teeney, tart one
Suck togas out of turn styles wit straws
Blues jams forced through rocks of the roof kick doors
Made my verse buckin' Key Food packin' bags
Takin' bites from the heist, jackin' mags
Grabbin' ass, no chicks like me
Stole cars out of parking lots, to see me wasn't likely
Swept hair in barbershops, summer jobs at Mr. Carter spot
Or go to Miss Cooper, work for housing wit the super'
Fort Green wreck, high energy, breathe team
Calvin Klein, AJ, Wranglers and Lee Jeans

"Go back - go back - go-go-go-go-go back"

[Chorus 2X]

"Go back" - scratched until the end