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Artist: Dirty f/ Maxamillion
Album:  Love Us or Hate Us
Song:   Gangsta Wife
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[Intro:  Big Pimp]
Now this one right here feel good
Uh, let it play for a minute..
Oh, I ain't got that much time?
Check this out..
To all my niggas out there, that know they'e gangsta
Even though you ain't got no ring on your finger
But it's always the one bitch... I mean one woman
If you got nineteen hoes, it's always that one
you'll die for

[Verse 1:  Big Pimp]
I'm on my knees screamin' "Baby I apologize"
'Cause I don' hurt you so much, I know you tire of cryin'
You was there every Sunday when I was doin' time
And sent a letter every Monday just to ease my mind
To let a nigga know that pussy cat was still mine
And bought you two fat dildos just to kill time
The fact that I'm... on the other side of this glass
I realize... just exactly what a nigga had
You stayed wit' me... even though I used to spank that ass
Didn't hesitated wit' me... any time I needed cash
A many days I was stressed out and feelin' bad
You laid me down on my chest and massaged my back
And plenty days you don' cooked, and I never came home
Collard greens, macaroni & cheese, and neckbone
Po'kchop, sweet potato pie up out the stove so hot
I know I'm pimpin' right now, but baby one day this pimp gon' stop
I know I was crazy baby I had you out there slangin' rocks
But I'm out now so face it baby I gotta hit the block
What you talkin' 'bout?  Hell yeah I love you and it ain't gon' stop
I always said I wan'nt gon' do it again but I never stop
But I did you so wrong - that's the purpose for this song
I didn't mean to break your heart but now our love is on the run
Run-run-run-run, fuss-n-fightin'
What's done is what's done, let bygones be bygones
And you was there - to console when I lost my homey
And you was there - to give me head anytime I was ho'ny/horny
And you was there - when my eyes was on the verge of cryin'
And you was there - when I was on the verge of dyin'
So how the fuck I fixed my mouth to call you a bitch
If you was bitchin', it's probably 'cause I got you pissed
This on my life, since them wife folks ain't givin' me life
When I get out, promise to God I'mma make you my wife

[Chorus:  Maxamillion + more]
I need a gangsta wife--
Wife-wife(yea-e-yea-ah), wife-wife(o-ooo-oh)
A gangsta wife(Say that's all I need...), down to ride( my life)
Wife-wife(is a gangsta wife...), wife-wife( my side)
A gangsta wife(yeah), down to ride(oooooh yeah)

[Verse 2:  Mr. G-stacka]
Shawty, I know it's been hard on ya the past couple of years
You shed so many tears, wonderin' if my love is real
To show you how I feel, hell I mostly pay the bills
Hustle up on drug deals, so we can get a hot meal
I'm from the streets, so the streets don' made me how I is
I know I'm in them day and night, but that's just how I live
So ain't no need to fuss and fight, wit' you all in my grill
'Cause if I ain't want you, best believe that I wouldn't be here
Got some issues, best believe that we gon' get clear
'Cause you been down wit' me too long to up and disappear
Just give me time, enough time for me to stack a mil'
Then we can hit the hill and build us a tight crib
Some tight cars, candy paint wit' the big wheels
Bulletproof windshields, strapped with the blue steele
I know your love is trill, 'cause you don' stuck wit' me
So if I up and leave this city here, you goin' wit' me
If I come stuntin' in the hood, shit you stuntin' wit' me
And if I'm chiefin' me some wood, shit you chiefin' wit' me
I'll never get through thuggin', but'll be a good husband
The only one you lovin' plus the only one you fuckin'
The situation get ugly, then your head I'm bustin'
That's if you cheat, or you leave a nigga stuck with nothin'
Eventually you'll see, and understand me
So when I'm through off in these streets, one day you'll be

That's why I need a gangsta wife--
Wife-wife(yea-e-yea-ah), wife-wife(o-ooo-oh)
A gangsta wife, down to ride(All I need in my like is a gansta wife...)
Wife-wife(...that is down to ride), wife-wife
A gangsta wife(Any time...), down to ride(...she will lay down her life)

[Bridge 1]
Ooooh, I'm sorry I don' you wrong, don' you wrong
(I left you sittin' and cryin' at home, cryin' at home, yeah)
I'm so glad you stood by me, stood by me
(You were always there for me... That's why you're my gangsta wife)

[Chorus] (**With variations**)

[Bridge 2](2x)
She's my gangsta - (she's gangsta wife)
She's my gangsta - (she's gangsta wife)
She's my gangsta - (she's gangsta wife)
She's my gangsta - (oooh, my gangsta wife)

Ga-aa-agsta, ga-aa-agsta
Ga-aa-agsta, ga-aa-agsta