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Artist: The Diplomats
Album:  More Than Music Vol. 1
Song:   So Gangsta
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Am no gangsta... am no gangsta
I am no gangsta... not me

[Verse 1: Jha Jha]
Uh, now look...
I, Jha Jha, pimps all tha big boys
Big mama whips all tha big toys
In tha major league, doin major things
Drop-top, '06 in tha gangsta lean
Dipset's queen, all you bitches bow to me
In the hood they bringin red carpets out for me
No really they bring dem red carpets out for me
Red banners, bandanas, you know what that fire mean
I got "Killa", "Capo" and Nell's co-signin me
She on fire, no way in hell she outshinin me
I spit fire, take you to hell on tha 16th
That's hot shawty, don't dare go against me
They say what we doin fin'a go down in history
This is a movement, all of our movers follow intentively
I take ya seven dollars and sell a mil independently
Make 'em off this industry, gettin money was meant for me


[Verse 2: Jha Jha]
Now these 34 D's known to make a nigga flip
Hypnotized by tha thighs and tha swivel in tha hips
Send his ???? on tha rise, I gave him a lil whip
He ain't even go inside, jus gave him a lil whip
Now he head-ova-heels, payin all tha bills
Hoe stop callin, he don't tell 'em where he live
Say that I'm tha difference when hittin tha cheap thrill
Time to stop pimpin cause this is tha real deal
Sike, already found tha love of my life
But we can chill in tha hills fo anotha night
Prada boots and linen, tha envy of all women
All shoppin sprees are sponsored by men 'n'...
Now picture me goin Dutch on a date
Only time that I'm buyin fo niggaz is birthdays
I got my own dough but I'll spend yours first
Jus cool be fa sho, I ain't goin in that purse

[Chorus w/ Unkasa adlibs]

[Verse 3: Unkasa]
You remind me of a passing song called 'Gangsta Bitch'
You my down ass gangsta chick
I got my hands on you waist and hips
Jus fo fun we can take a trip
To somewhere tropical, jus to get on-top of you
Send yo player Malibu, baby I wanna marry you
Probly cop you in a Caddy coup
Treat you jus like a daddy do
?????? Don't need to get a attitude
I'm jus tryin to last you, have fun, and laugh witchu
Uh, the way you walk and you smile
Yo baby, I feel ya walk n ya style
Tha way you walk through tha town
Can I come, I ain't walkin around
I'm used to ridin around in Porsche's and Prowls
Can you please be my Buffelin Brown
I will lick you up and rub you down
I will treat you right and lay you down
I will take you out and take you around

Am no no gangsta...
I am no gangsta...not me