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Artist: The Diplomats
Album:  Diplomatic Immunity
Song:   Gangsta
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[Intro - Juelz]
Yeah, who, where they at, bring em to me
Let me talk to these niggas man, Dip-set ya'll wit me

[Chorus - Juelz]
Ayo listen to this gangsta, feel this music man
Get into this gangsta, cause this is just for gangstas
Where my niggas at, where my bitches at
Get into this gangsta, cause this is just for gangstas

[Juelz Santana]
Now lets get down to business, I've been gone
For a minute, but I'm back now down for business
Yeah I found a small town I had to visit
I had a bunch of hungry workers , who was down to get it
So I got up and left, it the town with rizicks
Nickels dimes quarters own have of rizicks
Know the rules of getting mad, If they ask they get it
Plus I was giving it to them, like I had permission
Now I'm back focused on rap, anybody got a problem holla back
Two shots swallow that, and I know what the people want
Got what the people want, I know you not hot
You not what the people want, they want me Santana man bandana
Rapped around his hand, got damnmit man is it him?
Yes say it again, yes I'm playing to win
Yes hey come again, niggas I've been watching
I've been plotting, I'm the realest thing poppin
Since Osama Bin Laden, so pay homage
Ladies salute me, gentlemen salute me, the gentlemen you'll soon see

[Chorus 2x]

Ayo this is just for gangstas, then I black out, mack out
Bling out, shing out, and shank ya
Ya'll looking lost, took your plates, gave it to crooks
The forks (go eat), we gon eat whether, its fish or pork
They thirsty already, they take a burger, turkey and veggie
You ever work wit meshedy's, I broke bread with billionaires
That think flippin birds is petty, they soon serve wit semi
My tune turn to envy, balloon pop you know
I burn the friendly, and pull cars off
I'm so nice, I took the last two bars off
I wasn't rapping nothing, I was rapping something, now that was stunting
And baby I model, I always put the coke in the baby powder bottle
Killa, cause I follow for figures, I hollow the trigger
Swallow a nigga, like a bottle of liquor (Hennessey)
And when I cock that heat, back the hatch back hard top
Or drop top seat back, harving and reach back
Body in the seat, head in the trunk
Tell his mother eat that, later feet fat
Ima batter boy, Ohio players, Detroit cheddar boy
Harlem too, gangstas do it, Montana Santana, gangsta music killa

[Chorus 2x]

[Juelz Santana]
Yo I got you niggas exhausted, you gotta be nauseous
How I pull up, stop and be flossing
Oh chrome wheels spinning, out of proportion
Twin pipes on the back, letting out the exhaustion
Whoa kids love me, but I'm no idol
I hold rifles, dogg my spit game
Is so vital, I'm with the games been missing
Like both Michaels , Jackson to Jordan
From cracking to balling, I'm back
I'm a heavy pimper, 24/7 pimper
Where your girl, go get her, bet I pimp her
And I aint mad, that the towers fell
I'm mad the coke, price went up, and the crack won't sell
I'm mad I gotta grind harder, hit the block harder
Get some new workers, buy some new proda
Get my clientele back, shit I might as well black
Burn the town down one more time, what the hell scrap
For my niggas who can't get it, up state sittin in san Quentin
Greens on they back on the feet, stand spliffing
This is gangsta music, please dance wit it
Spit your razors out, partying the mess all
This is just for gangstas, parting all the rest of ya'll
Juelz Santana make it happen man, dip-set grip tecs harlems own taliban

[Chorus 2x]