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Artist: The Diplomats
Album:  Diplomatic Immunity
Song:   DJ Enuff Freestyle
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Yo let's start the year off right man (that birthday shit)
Dip Set man, Jim Jones, Santana, Killa, Freaky
Enuff let's do it (Killa) Uh
Up in al merjah, It's foul murders
Turkey's to cow burgers
Dakota Al Murder
Child if you style lil wild splurger
Stay away okay, mr. Giles'll hurt ya (I hurt ya) 
I ain't go to school, stayed the hell at home (why?)
Into real estate dog, I seen hella holes (what you do?)
You was sellin out, I was sellin hoes (what else?)
Sellin dreams to the phone, I could sell a tone
Plus a science lab, I mix mecuricolm (?)
With silicone, fella, in a vanilla cone (what happened?)
In school he would play the recorder
Nowadays he works for feds and plays his recorder
You think he placin' and takin his order
Markin the bills, JV, tastin the water (fuck that) 
we duct tapin his daughter, that's the tape and they taught us
In addition add the eighth and the quarters, get it? (get it?)
In addition Ma, yeah you get it dog
Gets an addiction, kitchen, whippin and flippin raw (raw)
Get it all off the kitchen floor (floor)
My bag is the bag is the bag cuz ask me what I'm bitchin for (what?) 
What a bitch is for, this could put the is and or (or)
First, his and hers, bitch don't bitch and whore (whore)
No disrespect mama, no disrespect at all
In a year or two maybe you can get a store
You should honor my corps, you want a Honda Accord
I'm tryin to turn you into entrepreneurs (What's that?)
That's a real friend (what?)
That's a homie right ? (right) 
Right, true, I feel that it's only right (what)
That I live the life of Rylie
I done did knives in allies, pipes in rallies (what you do now?)
Now I catch flights to Cali
Lookin for a wife to spouse me
I pipe her proudly (What she do?)
She understands my life gets rowdy
I'm the Sensei, comprende? you iced me Audi
[Juelz Santana]
Uh, let's get down
Holla at'cha boy
Dip Set
Yo, now I done been on both side of the fence (yup)
I done been on both sides of the gate
Survived and escaped (what else?)
Look at me now man, Im driving away
Thinking 'bout my old teachers 
Who said I'll rot and decay (never)
I go back and beep the horn at 'em
Blowing that Cheech and Chong at 'em
Yelling, screaming the boy's platinum
It all happened so fast, they all imagined I'll crash
But I did, straight through the wall, I'm back
Like Micheal was, see what the psycho does
360 spin around, Im the new kid in town
Yeah it's coming soldier, April the month is over
Yeah you run this over, the album is done I told ya 
What a classic I made, I look up see Cam
See the game, what a path that he made
Uh, a beautiful mind trapped in the shade
Cracking codes of the man 
That only stands in the back of my brain
At last I done came up with a great aim
true author like the great Dr. Nona Kiofa
[Jim Jones]
You can't respect the mind of jewels
And this new ride movement
If you don't respect the mind of dudes
In this too live movement
Me and Killa we like them, those two guys movement (for sure) 
I-95 south dirty, with a two pies moving
Trying to increase our delightment
Trying to keep the excitement
But it's hard as bullshiting game cause a secret indictment
For you co-conspirators, and you co-conspirators (watch it)
Be easy on the phone dog, cause you know they hearing us
We style on the bitches, cause you know they steering us
This picture is so easy to draw
Stopping, freezing them whores
Then we speed off in cars (watch it)
Yeah we freezin the law, blowing that weed in my drawers
Gee's up, whores down, Eastside to my dogs (Eastside)
All the time man, gangsta even asking
Oh we been seen in Aspen (where you at?)
In a pool house, the hot tub, with that scheme relaxing
And we been seen in action, keep the fiends collapsing
You know thirsty, and they noddin and leaning, scratching
To see me and my actions, I cruise by
In the Beamer just laughing (ha ha)
I lived that rocky road
I copped the poppy's load, it was like copping gold
I shut the poppy's stove, I hit the strip dog
I see the cop shit load, now Im living the life
I got the stopping code (spin it)
Big cars, big stars, like it's Rock 'n Roll (Rock 'n Roll)
Let's rock 'n roll (rock 'n roll, rock 'n roll)
Dip Set, this is Jim Jones man, Capo status
Santana, Killa the Don
The album coming, march nigga
Diplomatic Immunity, Enuff, heavy hitters
Happy birthday, Zeaky, where you at?