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Artist: Diggy Simmons f/ Justin Bieber
Album:  Can't Wait (S)
Song:   Can't Wait
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

It's bout that time Diggy
Over the don... out 'n over

Parade, darling
Put me on the line cause my heart is calling
Click on the call wait tell them other dudes bye
They wasting all your minutes
Let me, I can part your time keep you busy girl
I'm really tryna holla mama
Get to know you better if not a problem
So what's it gonna be, you always on my mind
You give that feeling that I can die in you're arms
Cause your body is so killin'
I can wait as long as it takes you ain't gotta give me answer today
U-huh I just wanna hug you, love you I can see me and you couple
Let me know when you ready

[Chorus: Justin Bieber]
Ain't tryna speed, I ain't gonna lie
Girl I'm tryna get you on my side
Give some time, time, time
But I wish it was now (but I wish it was now)
(Hey) Can't wait, can't wait any longer baby
Can't wait, can't wait you belong to me
Can't wait, can't wait (hold up)
Til my dreams true me & you for the first time then I know

Ma I love you Quincy Jones vibe
But you be acting shy and I think I know why
Okay lets play a tiff give me a chance
Girl lets spend out day
I'm feeling like lil mama I hit the lotto
There's no one hotter you're a hard act to follow you
You you really can't deny me look good together when ride
I go for mine, when I see what I like
Girls is bout that life are usually not my type
I'm new when comes to love, but I willing to try just give me the sign


[Justin Bieber]
Put me up, up oh baby don't let a another minute go by
All want is your body that's all been on my mind
Baby girl do you believe you can be my only
Til you say yeahhh, all I can do is wait and see


[Justin Bieber & Diggy]
Okay girl lets fly away, we can make a brighter day
We can fly to heaven and we can bl-blow the sky away
I can be your man and no it won't be a secret
You can have my heart, and willing for you to keep it
Love I'm just tryna to seek it, and the top I'm just tryna reach it
Oh, I can't wait, can't wait, can't wait, can't wait ohh