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Artist: Diggy Simmons f/ Winter Gordon
Album:  Airborne (Mixtape)
Song:   Airborne (Intro)
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

As I take this journey I recognize my potential
for success is just as great as my potential for failure
Fully aware of my current strengths and future weaknesses
experienced by those who came before me
The greats of my past have walked this way
left blueprints and they've lost themselves relapsed in recovery
I realize I am not the only young explorer however
I am in no race the journey is all of ours
but I can not lie I desire the victory of achievement to be mine
humbled however fearless I am exposed to the criticism of onlookers
but my faith and direction come from above
I am airborne

[Diggy Simmons]
With doctors all around me, I live aimed through the atmosphere
Notions and adapts around me, but not impact no fear
Ya' want the celebrations, I want the constellations
Aline in all of my favor shinin' through all the nation
So when you kids wake up, I'm the brightest thing that you see
Cause I got my mind made up, and it ain't no sweet sixteen
Unless I write some down trend set and transmission
And as they float around, ya' get the first addition
Some said I'm spaced out, oh well I guess they right
Cause I got whole nother outlook I told ya on my first flight
I'm just a youngin that's on a mission for the world to listen
An premonition a wonderful fathers had in vision
I'm a rappers delight, these are the brakes
So here's the message, I'm on my way
I'm a rare form, in rare form, young diggy I'm airborne

[Wynter Gordon]
I'm going airborne I'm taking me higher
I got the light now, and I'm on fire
I'm on my way, (my way), (my way)
I'm on my way, (my way), (my way)