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Artist: Diamonique
Album:  I'm Bumpin' 12"
Song:   I'm Bumpin'
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Pre-Verse: Diamonique
My system's tight
I'm feelin' alright
I'm Sittin' On Chrome
Blowin' hella chronic smoke

(Verse 1)
Boom, boom, that's the sound of the beep
Everywhere they go, they wanna hear Diamonique
I got somethin' for the trunks
Somethin' for the streets
Somethin' for my peeps who been waiting on me
Boom Bap set it off, that was just a tease
But here's another classic from the west coast queen
Gangstas lean
Bitches fiend
I got more juice than an A-M-P
I be, bangin' out ya system til I D-I-E
I been, doin' this for years, I don't need ID
I was, Born To Roll, cause my daddy's O.G.
And if ya still ain't knowin', turn it up until ya feel me

[Fingazz]    "Punk little suckers" --> Masta Ace Incorporated
[Diamonique] Just back on up
             And let the streets pump the queen of the west up out they trucks
[Fingazz]    "Punk little suckers"
[Diamonique] Y'all know what's up
             And if you don't know, you gon' know, when we roll up

Chorus: Diamonique (Sample in background)
Who got the cars, the cars that go boom
We got the cars, the cars that go boom
Who got the cars, the cars that go boom
Cause I got the shit that makes it go ("Get it baby")

[Fingazz]    "I got the
             I got the woofers in my Jeep" --> Masta Ace Incorporated
[Diamonique] And I'm bumpin'
[Fingazz]    "I-I
             I got the woofers in my Jeep"
[Diamonique] I'm bumpin'
[Fingazz]    "I got the woofers in my Jeep"
             "Diamonique" --> Diamonique
             "I got the sound I want the whole world to listen to" --> Masta Ace Incorporated


(Verse 2)
You just might catch me at a car show
Watchin' all the fly rides, hoppin' like a pogo
Rollin' up the dodo
Lookin' out for popo
Holdin' way more than an O, and that's a no-no {*police sirens*}
Can't help it, I was born to roll
Just like
How I was born with the sickenin' flow
I'm splittin' and lickin' the competition, like 'em out the moan
I fit in for gettin' mine, I'm hot
And y'all so so
I'm in the IE, makin' some noise
That you can bump out in L.A., in big boy toys
All the lowriders and them Cadillac trucks
Cuz, turn it up
Feel the boom, if not
You ain't nothin' but some

Repeat Pre-Chorus, Chorus & Hook

(Verse 3)
So let's roll
Up and down the block
Lettin' the speakers knock
Lettin' the people jock
This is the way we rock
Out in re-Cali'ed up
Custom Denali, dippin' through your alley
Hittin' sidestreets
Fuck a freeway
I know my way around 'round here
And this is how we get around 'round here
Steppin' in cars and trucks
Chasin' a quick buck
Go pump us and get right
That got me stuck
And when I roll up
You can hear the boom
Feel it trench ya skin like Mr. Kartoon
Hey, holla at me, dawg, I need some tattoos
I need some good moves
Y'all know I pay dues

Repeat Pre-Chorus, Chorus & Hook

"Fingazz on the track"

Uh huh
East coast, west coast
Dirty south, midwest
Right, right

"Get it baby"