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Artist: Diamonique f/ Dirty Bird, Sly Boogy
Album:  Diamond In Da Ruff
Song:   Da Get Back
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(Verse 1)
[Dirty Bird] Smoking on a stick
             Thinkin' 'bout the obvious
             Choking off the hit of the bombest shit of this continent
             Two-way going off, and I'm 
             Laid up with a big titty Asian, I get my jollies whipped
             Message on it said Diamonique want you to call her
             So I put my drawers
             Gave the Asian bitch twenty dollars
             And I hollered at Diamo', exchangin' serious convo, said
[Diamonique] (???) stole my money from my mom's fuckin' condo
[Dirty Bird] And she know who did it, gave the description and his digits
             So I called him like the girl on The Ring, and told him, "How many minutes
             Til his existance would diminish," totally finished
             Told me 'bout a good surgeon, a highly recommended dentist
             Plus a biblical sentence
             Then he could say what he start trippin'
             When he finished, stop driven, then I pushed over, while he listen
             Called Sly Boogy up, and me and Sly discussed how we gon' kill 'em
             Lived his month up in here, a sick description of his live, ended

[Sly Boogy]  Fuck that
             It's time for some get back
[Diamonique] Forget that
             I gotta get my chips back
             Fuck the chit chat, man, where my clique at
             We can click-clack
[Sly Boogy]  Your ass is gettin' bitch slapped
             Fuck that
             It's time for some get back
[Diamonique] Forget that
             I gotta get my chips back
             Fuck the chit chat, man, where my clique at
             We can click-clack
[Both]       It's a rap

[Sly Boogy]
When my shit clap

(Verse 2)
I'll be there in a sec
Dirt, and don't trip
I'm the wet shirt expert
I fin to give you
A sample of some of my best work
It's licensed dope
Watch the blood from his neck, squirt
You gon' be left hurt
Fuckin' with the homey Diamo', I'm fin to gather up
The ammo, well blow me some hydro
When I go
From Colorado to Casa Blanca, Morocco
I'm John Doe, the 5-0, bitch, you gon' die slow
I sneeze ass, with the doozy and the D's ashe
With grease ass, with the hoodie and the ski mask
You could think fast
And need to move ya feet fast
But it ain't gon' matter when this heat blast (BLOW! BLOW!)
When the
Pistols spit, it's useless, bitch
I'm wicked as a triple 6, with a crucifix
When I'm bangin' with the Bird, Big Slick right behind me
Dumpin' on your punk ass, throwin' up the I.E.

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Diamonique]
You stupid motherfucker
Look what you made me do
Call up my dogs
I had to sick 'em on you
Shouldn't have fucked with me or touched my money
Now there's war on the streets, and that shit ain't funny
Should've thought twice before playing Ms. Nice
Cause Ms. Nice turns real quick to Ms. Ice
So cold
It's your roll, like throwin' the dice
Gamblin' with your life
You're 'bout to lose tonight
I know it seems like a high price to pay
Cause crimes like these happen everyday
This went down in such a scandalous way
You were like family
How could you think to betray
You're a snake
A trick
A whore
You do almost
Anything, just so you can smoke a little more
You're defective
Probably HIV infected
Disconnected from the rest of the world, you're like the dead
I got my targets selected
And you ain't got a motherfuckin' prayer
You say you're sorry
But I don't fuckin' care
We about to turn your smoked out dreams
To your worst nightmare, bitch

Repeat Chorus

[Sly Boogy]
When my shit clap