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Artist: Diamond D
Album:  The Hugh Hefner Chronicles
Song:   Get Up
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Diamond D]
Okay (yeah)
Squizzy, hehehehehe
Let's go

Come along as I procede to show you how I do this shit
It's really nuttin to this shit you get to blow and you da shit
And plus the way I'm situated lawyers screamin shit you made it
Niggaz need to change their flow cause that's the shit that gets you dated
And there's nothin to it, I just jump into it plus it's fluid
Got the gangsters bumpin to it, all the strippers humpin to it
And I'm in the mix, got women squeezin in outfits
Got mami squeezin on my dick and I ain't even leavin with the chick
Eyyyy! (Ey) They call me D, I get it crackin
Got a spot out in the A and keep a condo in Manhattan
Never think that I'm just rappin, this is not a motion picture
Beat you for your mug tonight and dump it in the ocean wit'cha
So don't let emotion get you in a place where you don't wanna be
You couldn't do a 1 to 3, and D there's only one of me
So either way it's gonna be, a lot of pain and sufferin
I go to war with anyone that gets in front of me

[Chorus 2X: Diamond D]
Yeahhh! Get up, get get up
Yeahhh! You know I only came here to bust your shit up
Whether in a trance or preoccupied
This shit is krillz, y'all niggaz chill

[Diamond D]
Just take a second to decipher what I'm sayin
Put my skills out on display and plus the shit that I've been layin
Got the critics and the haters and the gangsters and the skaters
Sayin "I ain't even know that he possessed a {?} flow"
And I'm a vet but even so I'm still a fan I'm still a man
Catchin me stealin on ya man, it's really nothin
But that's not really what I came here to do (uhh) now shorty tellin me all night
she like my music but I know what she came here to do
Man I feel as if you feel this shit then let me see you put your hands up
in the air and ladies let me see you do it too
We only wanna celebrate and get it crackin up in here
So let me hear a little cheer before I be the dude to you
See me shinin on the set but never whinin on a threat
Got pretty diamonds on my neck like Frankie Lymon's on the set
And you can be my little ditty pretty one and we can get it in
Get to know each other reconnect and do the shit again