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Artist: Diabolic
Album:  Morning Light 12"
Song:   Morning Light
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Foul Play

This is a game of cat and mouse where Tom murders Jerry
And Bush urges Kerry to rape Virgin Mary till he bursts the cherry
So I'm emerging every person in the dirt and buried to resurrect get a tech
And follow his mercenary
Paid in full, hate the haters take a poll with an army of raging bulls 
And wolves draped in wool
Got metaphors coming off the head like devil's horns
Acting Foul, won't crack a smile unless it's yours
Backed against the wall close calls applying pressure
Eye & text ya, feed fiction to a lie detector
And I bet you I'll rob anywhere near or next to me
Here essentially to take your prophet like the Spear of Destiny
I'll appear as a guest for free really I can't wait to see the look on your damn face
When I'm stealing your fan-base
I'm sick enough to hand Jake a trail of bread crumbs 
Lead a new murder scene with Rev Run chugging redrum
I set the tone like a metronome left alone
On top of the world, with the 3rd rock as a stepping stone
Inside the terror dome DNA tests have shown
I'm the truth; the rest are just genetic clones of my flesh and bones
That's why fans react to the livest rappers
By jumping from the highest rafters in the crowd flying past us
The final chapters it was written read the text 
Or get beat to death and sent to hell where demons slept

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Everyday I wake up at the dawn of Morning Light
Same shit different toilet, I got a water fight
So don't ask me why I'm pissed of in every song I write
Cuz Diabolic's been dealing with this shit all his life

I'm the style of weapon for a quite war
With the streets I've endured 
Where young bucks will stab you like it's the VIBE awards
Connoisseur throw a comet towards New York's rocking core
Open a hole in hell's gate when Satan locks the door
Moment of truth, pop the 4 like Tupac Shakur
Chop the horns and mop the floor with his spinal cord
My soul is righteous but I'm likeness toking Viking 
Who'll grab a cop and choke him lifeless with a broken night stick
I'm have a soulless cobra's dome closed in vice grips
My fans build statues of me in Jehovah's likeness
But I'm a cloud mine with fans of Dan Weathers'
See troubled knees buckle to beneath the air pressure
When Hip-hop was raw now it comes from wherever
Got some Jacob jewels, manicure and a hair dresser
The single reason demons creep in our shows
Is cuz my plans complete when I brand the beast with a barcode
Satan wants our souls offered as dirt cheap
But I ain't selling shit like Jin's album the first week
So make some noise for church priests raping boys
Demented choice to slit his throat when he raised his voice
Send me to hell fuck it cuz when I kick the bucket 
I'll find who birth the anti-Christ and kick her in the stomach
So when motherfuckers shout at me and run they mouth
Add 'em to the list of shit I don't giva fuck about


All my motherfucking life man
I've been at war; I've been a soldier on the front lines
Foul Play bitch
Wake the fuck up or get woke the fuck up

Beat Asylum, motherfucka