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Artist: Diabolic
Album:  Liar and a Thief
Song:   Liar and a Thief
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I'm a liar and a thief with a fucked up outlook
Only truth I tell is what everyone knows about Bush
The rest of the time, I lie, cheat, and steal
I don't care about you, as long as I eat a meal
Why I keep it real, all the stacks I've earned
Was from stabbin people while they backs were turned
Smile in your face like I'm tellin the truth
Can't believe you buy the bullshit I'm sellin to you
I'm done with respect, got a gun to your chest
Ice grill but laughin at you under my breath
I musta been the biggest scumbag on Earth
Fourteen, stealin money for weed out mom's purse
Came home, 3 AM, playin it safe
She'd ask about it, I'd lie straight to her face
The truth hides inside the heart of a secret
I tell the same lie so much I start to believe it~
Another lie to cover up the other lie
When I get my story twisted, feelin justified
I justify authority like so what if I, put trust aside
and rob my friend who hustle pies
Like, he don't need the paper as bad as me
He don't have a seed and just for that he'll bleed
I'd lie to my best friend for a bag of weed
I'd actually love to change, but hey that's just me

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I'm a liar and a thief, why keep it real?
Ain't got shit so I lie, cheat and steal
Should I be concerned what my people feel?
I don't care, as long as I eat a meal

I swear to God I'll never lie, you know I'm honest
Wait - I told them I wouldn't steal and broke the promise
when I rolled up on this guy in a suit and tie
Like "Give me your bread and maybe you'll survive
I understand you with your wife, but it's do or die
So either do what I say, or you'll lose your lives"
I must've had my head in the clouds and ozone
When I duct taped a kid for a pound of homegrown
He could tell it was me, though the ski-mask
D's asked why I'd draw guns for his weed stash
I said "I don't know what you talkin about
I got an alibi so charge me or I'm walkin out"
Runnin off at the mouth, cause now-a-days
I hear dope folk and smell gold from miles away
How can I pray? I forgotten forgiveness
God is my witness, watchin me robbin your riches
I stole from my own brother and lied about it
all so I can go to the mall and buy an outfit
I talk around it when I get interrogated
He like "I can't even believe we're related"
I turn away like I ain't concerned today
But mom and pop don't believe a word I say
And it breaks my heart that I play this part
Maybe I'll change, but 'til then I'll stay razor sharp


Yo - I always let my whole life drag through the dirt
Tryin to find the easy way out, rather than work
I've been a drug dealer, thief, failure and more
In your crib takin whatever ain't nailed to the floor
I might care but nightmares infected our dreams
So I'm right there reppin runnin credit card schemes
Gettin our cream is the prime objective
In my mind what's yours is mine, accept it
The bread I've collected ain't an honest living
It's from lyin and stealin without a pot to piss in
And maybe I can put down this gun that I aim
But I doubt it - cause really I'm too stubborn to change