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Artist: Diabolic
Album:  Liar and a Thief
Song:   Doing My Own Thing
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

I gamble playin Russian Roulette and blast Tecs (blaow!)
Then bet your ass I ass bet when I got no cash left
Never scared of electric chairs or snapped necks (nah)
I died years ago, I'm livin out my last breath
So get your head out the clouds with his hands in stone
Leave cloud nine on the ground zero landin zone (ha ha)
I stand alone to lead a ragin wave of peasants
that'll raise hell until it incinerates the gates of heaven (c'mon)
I'm an AIDS infection in human form (uh-huh)
Either take your life or with your naked wife shootin porn (bitch)
You've been warned like anyone I do a song with (uh-huh)
I'll outshine you, so fans don't notice you were on it (who's that?)
Fuck if I get publicized in the public eye
I'm broke enough to have Xzibit pimp my mother's ride (pimp that)
Trust has died in my circle and it's justified
by people hatin with me mistaken for some other guy
Like I won't find an A&R to gain his trust
Blaze a dutch and lace the haze with angel dust
Then kidnap his bitch ass and rape his slut (ho)
It's payback for the artists on the shelf labels fucked (fucked)
Snitches won't get stitches for tapin us (na)
They get rusty blade razor cuts stapled shut (ha ha)
Wakin up wrong side of the bed no guiding light (na)
Hungover everyday like which side is right (what?)
One side of life, wife wants war today
On the other side I got bills I can't afford to pay (I'm broke)
It's like I can't enjoy watchin my daughter play (come here)
So fuck y'all, I'm doin me, nothin more to say (NOW~!)

Follow my lead, you been doin it wrong (wrong)
I go against the grain and refuse to conform (form)
You've been warned, I'm 'bout to crush the mold (mold)
Plus I don't truth a soul so I'm {"doin my own thing"}
Y'all swallowed by greed, I'm true to my song (song)
I go against the grain and refuse to conform (form)
You've been warned, I'm 'bout to lose control ('trol)
So let the truth be told I'm {"doin my own thing"}

Son of a gun, thuggin with my cousin Rifle Smoke
and a sniper scope that could pinpoint an isotope
On a lighter note, I would cash in my right to vote (here)
Convincin Cheney to grab George and slice his throat
Life's a joke, white flippin, twice as broke (bitch)
She likes ice and cokes when I can't afford the price of soap
My righteous hopes are spun by this Coke and rum
A sniper's smokin gun and fightin folks with drums
To the naked eye 'Bolic might appear to be normal (yeah)
But I don't trust a soul, why would I trust mere mortals? (Nah)
I lack clear morals, roastin splifs and roaches
Just takin the honest approach with hidden motives
So I said hey panic (hey) get deranged, brain damage
Supplyin raw behind the boards in a straightjacket
Make a track with sample vocals and bass added
about what I do, and this is what it came back with
Same insane madness you would expect (word)
All jokes aside, so I suggest you move to the left (MOVE~!)
Before I make you swallow your pride, chew and digest
Pick a nice night to knife fight and duel to the death
Got too much respect not to live
So God forbid, you force me to show just how real 'Bolic is
A God amongst mens, politics and crazed thoughts
Me and the Shroud of Turin are cut from the same cloth (ha ha)
What goes around comes around I have to warn you
I'm the karma from your past comin back to haunt you
It's Diabolic, Moman, NY to Chi-Town (town)
Worldwide now (now), we got the game tied down (down), c'mon!