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Artist: Diabolic
Album:  The Foul Play Mixtape
Song:   You Don't Own Me
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Yo, yo
Showtime, co-sign, get in it's so real
Next episode, here's an Interscope deal
A&R's gas me and got my hopes up
Like come out to L.A. so we can leave your throat cut
But so what? 'Bolic don't trust a soul
Talkin sideways like do what you're told
Punks like Todd 1 say you deserve to win
But hey, what do you know? You got jerked again
Rings in my ear like you murdered Jin
Out doing Paul Rosenberg's dirt for him
So as the world turns, I reverse the spin
Going off the deep end before I learn to swim
But Diabolic's not like those other nine bitches
Notice Showtime ain't airin out my business
Producers eyed my daughter like I was slippin
And tried to record her without my permission
I was flippin, they replied to the beef
Like "We can do what we want 'Bolic signed a release"
But I ain't doin shit except gettin half tipsy
So fuck you~! If you don't like it then blacklist me

("You don't own me") Diabolic c'mon
("Don't try to change me in anyway") Nah
("You don't own me") Foul Play c'mon
("Don't try to change me in anyway") Nah
("You don't own me") Triple O c'mon
("Don't try to change me in anyway") Nah
("You don't own me") Brooklyn Ac c'mon
("Don't try to change me in anyway") Nah

My wifey's like my music, she real independent
Can't catch a break, and she feelin neglected
She like, "I'm in love, when will the drama stop?"
Cause I always get drunk screamin like I'm her pops
She always cryin, can't deal with the stress
Like "I can't let you go, you're as real as it gets
You treat me like shit and you're too possessive
I love you for you, that's the truth, accept it~!
Love me for me, me and you connected
But you always gotta wild out and do some next shit!!"
Yeah you're right, I make my problems yours
But I'm crazy, what the fuck would I solve 'em for?
I make you wanna run away and lock your doors
Sayin "I love you but right now I'm not so sure"
So now every time 'Bolic startin a fight
She says "I need you to be a major part of my life"


Yo one day I was prayin for divine intervention
Meetin Satan at a 4-way intersection
Down on my luck, so I just patrolled the block
Debatin whether I should sell my soul or not
The Devil approached, told me how I've been lied to
He said "You're a Scorpio, your power's behind you
Your daughter's four now, and I know you're broke
So have some Patron and this 'dro to smoke"
He offered the world, tryin to find my weakness
Telling me my deepest darkest secrets
He said "Sell your soul," I was high with a buzz
He handed me a contract to sign it in blood
I was tryin to run and find some revelation
But everywhere I turned I saw the Devil waitin
So if you see the Devil waitin going your way
Approach him and tell him 'Bolic told you to say


"What you say his name was? What the fuck?"
"I ain't kill nobody in a LONG time..."