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Artist: Diabolic
Album:  The Foul Play Mixtape
Song:   No No No Freestyle
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[George Carlin]
Thank you!
Thank you, thank you, thank you and fuck you!
Fuck you! {*echoes*}

Okay; don't think they ready for this one (nope)
Here we go ("no, no, no")

If things were my way I'd give Diallo the cop's gun
And put him back to the exact spot they shot from
Reverse the roles, them same cops could catch them hot ones
Screaming at the top of they lungs ("no, no, no")
Every time I heard a squad car's tire screech
I'd be in the driver's seat ready to driveby police
Convince the fire chief the fire heat 'til every liar, thief
detective's cryin please ("no, no, no")
I might get signed dawg, but I ain't chancin that
When I could brandish gats, take your advance and stack
See 'Bolic don't think you enough of a man to scrap
So you asked yourself and answered back ("no, no, no")
Cats be askin if Interscope signed me
Think about it - if they did, is there where I'd be?
But still I got producers like "I want five G's"
When he ran it by me, I said ("no, no, no")
I'd rather two track than pay cats to produce that
Believe me, I ain't wastin the cash that I do stack
I love my money like I love slappin a new jack
Havin to move back, sayin ("no, no, no")

Haha, the game ain't ready for this one
I'll show you how to take someone else's track, and do it right
It's for my people, it's for my people, it's for my people
Well fuck that~! This for me too

Every motherfucker who rapped, got iron and used it
But killers don't talk, you either lyin or stupid
Y'all claim to bust gats and take lives in your music
But when it's time to go do it, you like ("no, no, no")
It's not hype, I really am the type who might flip
Ice pick your life, at night slit your wife's wrist
I hit the light switch and realized you tight bitch
When I heard you screamin like this ("no, no, no")
Uh-oh, it's Diabolic, and he's at it again
Only difference this time, he's two trackin with pen
His groupie caught feelings in the back of a Benz
When I tried stabbin her friend she said ("no, no, no")
I'm not the one you want to go face to face with
No, no, no, just ask the kid who made this
Quest told him to battle me on this Foul Play shit
But Jae's bitch so his manager said ("no, no, no")

Ha ha ha~! I stay laughing man
These games of fuckin rap, I already told you
It's over with, I'm a fuckin problem
We'll see what's gonna happen
It's for my people, it's for my people, it's for my people
Well fuck that~! This for me too