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Artist: Diabolic
Album:  The Foul Play Mixtape
Song:   Gangsters (London Radio Freestyle)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Ha ha~!
Diabolic, Foul Play, New York got those motherfuckin ("gangsters")
Yeah they do, Catch 22, Stronghold
Here we go
London got those motherfucking ("gangsters")

Around my way, Foul Play put 'em in a shallow grave
Cause ("gangsters") flip pounds of haze
But y'all motherfuckers now a days ain't ("gangsters")
You claim to be, give the people what they came to see
Real ("gangsters") just aim and squeeze
Slap you in the face and take your weed
But ("gangsters") ain't fakin jacks
Talkin 'bout sellin yay and crack
You ("gangsters") when you making tracks
I don't believe what you say in raps
We ("gangsters") who kept it real
Still independent with a record deal
Them ("gangsters") be dressed to kill
Fatigues on ready like it's +Desert Shield+
Them ("gangsters") Eastern coast
Fuck the President we revolt
Some ("gangsters") would squeeze your throat
Laugh in your face while you bleed and choke
Those ("gangsters") scar your life
Stick it in your wife with the hardest pipe
We ("gangsters") at the bar tonight
Getting drunk enough to start a fight
Like ("gangsters") but we thinkin right
Fund my shit, I'ma sling some white
With ("gangsters") who think alike
That's why this bitch who's singin likes them
("gangsters") who control the game
Pitbulls let off they chokin chain
Real ("gangsters") who flow insane
Foul Play motherfucker know the name we ("gangsters")

Long Island got those motherfuckin ("gangsters")
Peckham got those motherfuckin ("gangsters")
Brooklyn got those motherfuckin ("gangsters")
Brixton got those motherfuckin ("gangsters")
Harlem got those motherfuckin ("gangsters")
Holston got those motherfuckin ("gangsters")
Queens they got those motherfuckin ("gangsters")
Hackney got those motherfuckin ("gangsters")

("gangsters") - repeat to the end