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Artist: Tha Dogg Pound
Album:  That Was Then This Is Now
Song:   That Was Then This Is Now
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[Intro/Chorus: repeat 4X]
That was then... this is now...

That was then, this is now
A new beginning in the air, but it made me who I was
So warn the dead of
The youngest of Tha Dogg Pound
Comin up in the streets, representin the role I go around
Trade nothin W.A., knowin our position
The record built our reputation on mashin and dissin
So we did that, young niggaz be down with the click-clack
Known, to push a wig back
See this the killer zone, where them killers kill at
(You know it's on like Donkey Kong now get peeled back)
You know I'm (America's most, ain't nuttin like a gangsta party)
Six-four, L Co's, double R's, Lambos, Ferraris
The good days, sooner or later we get grown and depart ways
and shit start to fade
I see them niggaz in your face they turn they back and they shoot ya
I'm Diggy Daz fuck the past, I'm the future (to let you know)

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

That was then, this is now
I cut 'em dump 'em gun 'em shut 'em down
Clowns, fuck 'em like, they was never 'round
Pound, yeah hell hounds in your town
Some made it out others they ended up underground
'92, I ain't had nuttin else to do
But murder motherfuckers tryin to rhyme against the crew
I read the internet, and I don't really give a shit
Say what you wanna say we been there since the early days
Legendary in the brain, intergratin with the game
We the originals, multi-criminals in the game
Cool keep it smooth range, Snoopy put us in the game
And we've been runnin this motherfucker since "Murder Was the Case"
Silent but deadly since I was off to Slausson
Exhausted to the time we started bossin, exhausted often
Focus Austin{?}, yeah gangsters in this motherfucker
The new N.W.A. up in this motherfucker

[Chorus] w/ ad libs