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Artist: Tha Dogg Pound
Album:  That Was Then This Is Now
Song:   No Mo Police Brutality
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[dialogue for the first 21 seconds]

PEACE~! Ha ha, don't make me laugh
I give a fuck about your motherfuckin gun and badge
Treat us like animals, just slam us on the grass
Harass us ain't even ashamed - how the police beat our ass
Shoe shine pail down in the streets of New York
We confident down to give 'em full support
We hold court in the street, no justice no peace
We heard it from N.W.A. - fuck the police!
Middle finger to the law, they don't care who you are
You could be the richest nigga drive the most expensive car
They know who you are
Until it's you they beatin down on the boulevard
Like Atlanta, Miss Cafferty Johnson
was shot by the cops on a wrong assumption
She was 92, she was killed by the cops
They busted in her house and she left off some shots
Now we rally up, protest on the block
It's 2009 and the shit don't stop, what the fuck?!
Now what's the topic of our discussion?
Police brutality, let me know somethin

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
No mo' police brutality
Is this what we call reality?
Look in my eyes and actuality
No mo' police brutality

Look, it starts with a 1, and ends with a time
One-time, one-time, one-nine
One gun, the government don't do shit
Look at all this shit that we've been through, shit
Me and D-A-Z gotta stay sucker free
Cause I'm dumpin, this is for Rodney King muh'fuckers!
Yeah, fuck the law
This is a part of the realest shit ever saw
Pull me over, and I'ma keep pushin
Young OJ just emerged out the bushes
Bitches ain't shit and neither is the Ones
Let me say my thing and let the semi sing
Stretch these niggaz out from here to Beijing
I'm the new hope, my own airport like Bob Hope
Where Snoop can come through and smoke, bring out dope
What the fuck the po-lice pull me over fo'?