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Artist: Tha Dogg Pound
Album:  That Was Then This Is Now
Song:   Tha Liquor Store
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

(Like a kid in a candy store homey)

[Chorus: Dogg Pound]
Just hit the liquor sto' in my Regal
Just hit the liquor sto' in my six-fo'
On my lap is a chrome Desert Eagle, the eagle
On my lap is the chrome desert fo'-fo'

Man, the wind kept blowin
I got kush and fly 'dro and
Y'all ain't knowin
Through the red light I kept goin
I just hit the liquor sto' in my Regal
And on my lap is a chrome Desert Eagle
See I'ma do whatever I want to
Whatever I wanna do whether it's stolen or legal
Yeah, whether I'm rollin illegal
Every minute every hour blowin sour diesel
Is that Daz? (Ay, ay, sup~!)
(Ay Kurupt, I heard you had the hook-up on the diesel)
Man, show through, just me and my people
Rollin through the game like planes and diesels
One of the homies got a lot on his mind
Always talkin 'bout he 'bout to pop when he find
A little nigga me, I guess I'm always on the grind
And these money don't niggaz who always counts niggaz pockets
But I got the pocket rocket cocked in my pocket
for the fadangling, bullshit and politics
Just get your head right
Or else the big homey's head'll fly tonight
We gon' ride tonight, to them highest flights
Don't make me take flight and show you wrong from right
And take off


Diggy Daz come through bumpin and draggin the ground in my six-six
Thumper on the seat, in case of some bullshit
Sets up, just to greet me, get 'em up
You know what the fuck's up, come bust 'em or knuckle up
That's how, it's gon' 'posed to C
40 ounce in my hand like the double-O G
Po' out some liquor, for my nigga Timz on the trigger
Skatin out, goin past the motherfuckin limit
I hit the liquor liquor liquor sto' on my six-fo'
I'm gettin money on the mission out to get mo'
By any means I'm choppin layin 'em down
It's about money and the pound don't hate respectin the Pound
If not, today gon' be AK sayin
Point motherfuckin blank, I'm gon' be sprayin
So what'chu sayin? Up on the set, I ain't playin
Disobeyin the law, to keep the {?} (hoes hangin)
It's all about the money all you niggaz actin funny
I'm from the hood, nigga where the fuck you comin?
I'm in the streets nigga like e'ry day
So get your walk on nigga, do it all this way
You know I get it get it, any drama you know I'm with it
Be smokin my spinach, you know clockin them six digits
You know I stay committed for life, if it's wrong or right
Nigga we shootin nigga fuck the fight