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Artist: Tha Dogg Pound
Album:  That Was Then This Is Now
Song:   How Tha West Was Won
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

(Dogg Pound)
Dogg Pound Gangstaz, banger (watch out, watch out, pow)
Kurupt son (watch out, watch out, pow)
Dat Nigga Daz (watch out, watch out, pow)
This is, a Dogg Pound banger (watch out, watch out, pow)

(How the West was won) Small deuce, small auto
(How the West was won) Let me show what it's bout-a
(How the West was won) Too much gunpowder outta
(How the West was won) Pull it out and just holla

How the West was won; from G niggaz behind the mask
Behind the trigger, layin down ALL of my enemies
Pop like them bitches do in Centipede
Nissan Sentras, and L Co's, lowriders
You know the West ain't the West without the blaze and the gunfire
While I spray, the enemies crossed out, high speed chase
Pistol nigga tossed out

I'ma I'ma show you what it is bein flossed out
What'chu got? Jackings ain't a thing of the past
Just bring your ass past
and I'll show you the future and past nigga
This is what it is...
I take from the rich and I don't give a shit, ain't this a bitch?
We ride like stagecoaches
Got hammers in holsters and all over posters
Busta, you better pack your gun
Cause I'ma show you motherfuckers actually how the West was...


Y.G.'s, young gangsters, B.G.'s baby gangsters
Original gangsters, gang related
With no thrill {?} best takin half your crew
Down by law, respect it nigga, when I drew down
Don't nobody move, walkbys and drivebys
They all die, within the blink of an eye
Clouds they light they man through the sky
Two holster khaki blue Chucks and a tee, West coast
For L-I-F-E cain't nobody do it like CA-LI
We blast that ass up so fuckin bad-ly
Dayton with some laces a corner fresh Caddy
I'm swervin, don't you know, actually, how the West...


All I know is keep it all hood
We bang on bustaz and do as I should
If I could, nigga I wish I would
Young locs let's push nigga 'til we cain't move
Smashin is all I know
D-O-double-G, nigga P-O
U-N-D, the last generation
We ride our occupation, this is how the West
was kept in operation, don't come out here playin my nigga
Actin like you sprayin or K'in my nigga
Back in the days I was swervin
On swerve, stop then go in reverse
On bang, young dope boy, Daz
Gotti old dawg, I'm such a old soul
I got my nina ross like it's eighty-fo'
You might see me bouncin in the fo'


How the West was won, NIGGA~!