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Artist: D.P.G.
Album:	Dillinger & Young Gotti
Song:	Intro
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[Kurupt] Dillinger
[Daz] Young Gotti
[K] Yeah
[D] It's been a long time, y'know what I mean
Throughout the years
We've been putting this mothafucking shit down
Riding to what we call this gangsta shit
What's up
[K] Man, it's a lot of niggaz that stay down
But it's a lot of niggaz who act like busters
[D] Bitches
[K] In disguise
[D] Sucka ass
[K] And we know y'all, y'all know us
But y'all don't keep it gangsta'd up
Daz and Kurupt
I don't know about all, what y'all think
But I know what we know
[D] And this is how it is
So all y'all niggaz better get y'all pistols
Cause it's going down right now
[K] Man, slap that bitch for nothing
[D] She ain't shit
You's a bitch, day one I knew
And I shall see
Throughout the streets we will live and survive
[K] Dillinger and Young Gottiii
Bitch, check this gangsta shit out