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Artist: Devine Carama f/ Marcus McClinton
Album:  It Was Rewritten
Song:   White Girl Lost
Typed by: @DevineCarama

She trying to find her self, and she tired of the games
affected by her mama and grand mama's pain
A young girl struggling trying to find love
In world full of lies that leads her to lust
and she's chasing a myth cause she's looking for change
4 years wasted with nothing to gain
[Marcus McClinton] There goes a white girl lost..... 

[Verse 1]
Two parent home, house out in the boondocks
closest she ever came to black folks was watching Boondocks
privilege white girl third year of college
but she worth a hundred mill she just going for the knowledge
Her dad was one of the colleges biggest boosters
when the board took a pic it was like a collage of Lucifers
see sometimes rich folks logic be the craziest
both of her parents were introvert closet racist
pops eluded she better never bring home a black boy
unless he was a ball player then they didn't say shhhhh
then she start dating the starting power forward
her dad got excited and said cool invite him over
3 months past the experiment ran its course
she just wanted to see if he was hung like a horse
Nah, he was more like a pony
and in 12 weeks she ain't even really get to know him
so they met at the Starbucks so she could let him go
but it was too late her daddy was paying his car note
and the team was undefeated, and he averaged a triple double
she envisioned a fling and envisioned a couple
She just wanted to see if the myth was really true
but he was about to get drafted so he was looking for a new wife
she had everything that the white world bought
but she still walking around campus a white girl lost...


[Verse 2]
Pops left the house, so inside she thought he hate her
her moms had black guys in and out the trailer
She grew up lusting that dark skin with full lips
plus she love lyrics by dark men with full lips
plus she felt emboldened by black men leaving their homes
for blonde hair women skin color of cool whip
She loved his whip old school rims tinted
hood swag tatted up plus a snap back vintage
Yeah.. It's like a lion in a cage
she in awe from the outside but would never get in it
Nah... unless she could win it
so she always suck him off spread her legs, & let him in it
but to brother that's lost winning is sex
so why would he commit when he's already winning
Self respect lost, now she's become a crutch
confused love & lust, wondering what's enough
But she figured a brother and disrespect is synonymous
plus that's part of the allure that turned her on with
the excitement of living the fast life
she a white a girl but don't like brothers that act white
and what intrigues her is really only half right
the other half is race of royalty once prominent
all she saw was Mandingo and rap lyrics
and all he saw was a whore just like her mama was...