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Artist: Denzel Curry f/ Steven A. Clark
Album:  Nostalgic 64
Song:   Like Me
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Denzel Curry]
Its like a blaze when I say your name
Because your body is just striking
Like lightening
The storm here, is quiet
I bite it
When hearing the moans and groans as I dip deep
Your knees weak
But don't speak
When my spirit
Is in sync
Along with you
I lust for you like London Jones
If you my ride or die
Would you ride or grip the chrome?
In a Mercedes Benz
With fine clothes we roam
Just like the traveler, no?
Til' we entered inside your home
Its known
That Denzel can give you the mo' better
Adrenaline rush
As I proceed to get you wetter
I bless her
Just like a pastor seeing someone sneezing
Good evening
The way you look just blossoms as the season
Meaning you're clean, which is next to godliness
Thank the good Lord he blessed the earth with beautiful goddesses
Dropin' it
To the surface, like a fallen angel
The devil has a new dress
My butterflies are painful
Tame you
So that I can pet the pussy cat
Soft and heavy moaning when I hit it from the back
Skies are looking kinda misty as the scene faded black
Both hands on the wheel ain't no thing as turning back

[Hook - Steven A. Clark]
You can search, the whole world
Just to see
And I'll pay, for your trip
Its on me
You might go, your whole life
Just to find
Out it was, a complete
Waste of time
Coz there ain't no one like me
(Ain't there a nigga, there a nigga
Like me
Ain't there a nigga, there a nigga no) [x2]
Coz there ain't no one like me
(Ain't there a nigga, there a nigga
Like me
Ain't there a nigga no, there a nigga) [x2]

[Denzel Curry]
It's just, you and I
And God watching over
Kissing on my neck and hands going down my shoulder
Closer and closer
You're feeling a little colder
My mind is saying stroke her but I wanna console her
Hold her
Love is in the eye of the beholder
She could be my Sade and I could be her soldier
Told her
Once when we get a little older
Hopefully we'll push a little baby in a stroller
Is the tone she whispered in my ear
She said "I love you Denny and I love you near and dear"
Never knew Nasir
But the words were sincere
When I went inside her mind, it was like Revista Leer
I read between the lines
In her eyes I spot a tear
I uttered to her softly, girl you have nothing to fear
I kiss her on the lips
Then she told me to come here
As she climbed to the top
She became my chandelier
Not knowing
Created another life this very moment
The future of my very insistence's got me open
Its potent
Like the smoke, when its in my lungs
Its a fire in the air
With the greeting of the tongues
But none
Will ever come between me and her bond
So leave my sanctuary don't come back and don't respond
This my garden of Eden
But as one this is our temple
My miniature moral is more than just being central

[Hook x3]