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Artist: Denzel Curry f/ J.K. The Rapper, Nell
Album:  Nostalgic 64
Song:   Dark & Violent
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Fang life!
You ain't never heard no tales from the darkside
You ain't never heard no tales from the darkside
Welcome to the land
You ain't never heard no tales from the darkside
What it's 'bout?!

[Denzel Curry]
It’s 'bout a young nigga, running away from the moon to catch the sun quicker
Drug dealer, Nino with the steelo trying to sell kilos and grams
Settling angry stomachs up in his fam
So if that silver spoon on your plate, if you touch that, that's your fate
Don't have faith, Like Evans, you got to face demons to get to your heaven
The pimps is the prophets, not prophets for reverends
this is the lifestyle of a broke adolescent
So here's a lesson of a teen who survived Rikers
But shortly, his life had ended with a bullet that's made out of Midas

[J.K. The Rapper]
You ain't never heard no tales from the darkside
You ain't never felt the pain of the darkside
You ain't felt the burning flames of the darkside
You ain't have a fucking name on the darkside

Knew a young brother without a name, he was in love with his nina trapped
And steadily schemin, barely sleepin, but dreamin of pretty bitches and beamers
But when he awake, he sees his fate
And his reality, to do whatever it takes to elevate his fucking salary
Any niggas a casualty, kill 'em, rob 'em
Then casually walk off into the darkness, it all started
When he was, welcomed into our fucked up world, the son of a fucked up girl
And his father was just a blur, his life had took a curve
When he saw his brother dead on the curb, due to retaliation
Of the gang relation, he was young, a kid, a baby
And yet to realize the pollution of the nation
Now he 18 life in jail is what he facin'
Shit, murder was the case that they gave him
Shit, murder was the case when they raised him
Mind stuck in the all black prison
You think he give a fuck about the system?

Nigga we gotta get this money
Damn right
We gotta get this money, I got the plans...
Everything's set up
Just got to go in there-..
Got the banger man, as long as you got the hammer man, we out
...Go by the book...
You ready to do this shit or what?
Yeah, yeah, 'this what I got to do

Out on the gank, rolling the dank
As he cased out the bank, he was catching that shank
Getting loaded the stick, trying to major his rank
Thugging was how he was brought in the paint
Rush the security, no longer pure was thee
Soul turned it cold for the love of the gold
Bust in the air, everyone hit the floor
Not giving a fuck, loc-ing off of the 'dro
Bodied a nigga, riding in a dropped 'Lac
Top back, cruising them twenty fours
So I went crazy, my vision got hazy
I walked in the bank, and I start to get bold
Clutching that pistol grip
The teller was moving too slow so I pistol-whipped
The bitch, he was twitching, bust at a civilian
And blasted the mag with no mask in the buildin’

[Denzel Curry]
Burn the fingertips off, replace the dental
Left the golden bullet magic in his coufie, no his temple
That’s engraved, leaving corpses
In graves, Glock 17 cutting fades
Barber, we dumped the security in the harbor
Then we switched the identity, so the name Leroy Carter
The bank teller looking short and squeamish
Steve pistol-whipped the bitch; she kept screaming
Shut up, ho, before a nigga nut up, ho
Steve said he couldn’t take the shit
So he took her to the back, then Steve grabbed the MAC
Then he put it to her head, and then he ripped the bitch
Boy, we gotta do a job or we might get toast
13 shots rung out and it left two ghost
Tales from the dark side, jack move, riding
Trials and tribulations of the dark and violent