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Artist: Denace
Album:  Tell That Bitch (S)
Song:   Tell That Bitch
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Chorus x2]
Tell that bitch she wack as fuck
Tell that bitch she on some shit
Tell that bitch to fuck right off
Tell that bitch to suck a dick

[Verse 1]
Tell that bitch she want for that, I even made a song for that
Tell that ho she out of line, all the little lies I don't fuck with that
Part of me and my ego bitch, my heart about to get a repo bitch
Give it here I'm about to debo shit, pack your stuff and don't leave no shit
You want respect? better earn that, its too late now I can't turn back
I'll say it again if you ain't heard that, you want respect? better earn that
Once upon a time not long ago, I really give a fuck about all these hoes
Something happened along the way, I met a bitch and lost all control

Tell that bitch, you sick and tired of her shit
You better tell that bitch, you know shes fucking around
You better tell that bitch, you not holding anything now
You better tell that bitch, take her fucking ass out

(You better tell that bitch)
Tell that bitch she owe me money, only about a hundred grand
And I don't think she understands, that I did all that I can
(Denace) Dammit ho (What) Clam it ho (But what why?)
you salmon ho, go ahead and make me a sandwich ho

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2]
Woman and bitches, there's a thin line between them
Like your ending the word line, take it out its a lie read it
So why said it, "fuck these hoes" Ima die screaming
They see me coming like I'm semen and I'm leaking
inside of five demons so baby call five deacons
I'm going to define that I'm decent
but I ain't just five reasons why I am inclined to co-sign these creatures
But I'm as grimy as nine bitches combined

[Chorus x2]