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Artist: Denace
Album:  No Fair (S)
Song:   No Fair Freestyle
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I'm in the wrong in this relationship
You can wear my shoes, but will your laces fit
You only bring me down when I'm raising up
And I do what I can, but it ain't enough
And if I show you I love you, I ain't so tough
And if I show you nothing, then we're breaking up
I swallowed a lot of pride, I inflated my gut
The pieces are now broken, and I lay in a cut
Home alone with alcohol, and the pain, it just sucks
My whole life outta me, and it's making me nuts
I'm about to die 'cause of this, someone bring me a tux
I love myself, but it seems that I hate my own guts
When I think of you and I, suicide coincides
I don't wanna lose you to another guy
I don't want pain and misery to define what we have, who we are
Just take a little time
For yourself, and clean your little mind
If you still love me, show me a little sign
I don't wanna be the bad guy, no
I don't wanna be that guy, no
I've had your back since day one
There's not a girl who compares, nope, there ain't one
Let me draw you a picture, let me paint one
If all the women just died, I wouldn't save one
I wouldn't calm you, that would be a fake one
I want you and only you, no I ain't done
Man I love you, more than you can imagine
I can sit inside of a mansion, money piled up
And I'd still be throwing tantrums
Still be depressed, still be obsessed with your laugh, hon
I can't fathom that we once worked back
Now we're just packing up things and acting like we never had been
What kind of crap is that, I'm sick of twisting my back the other way around
Looking like a pretzel for your love, you asshole
I'm about to pop a vessel inside of my damn skull
Sitting here, crying for a girl who don't care
'Bout I left the bottle, thinking it's no fair
I don't deserve the crap that I hold here
Hate, and your damn cold stare that you give me