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Artist: Denace
Album:  The Final Chapter
Song:   Change the Road
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

There's still time
there's still time to change the road
there's still time to change the road

[Chorus x2]
Yes there are two paths you can go by
but in the long run
There's still time to change the road you're on
(there's still time to change the road)

[Verse 1]
Here's a little story about a boy named Richie
Richie came from a rich home, quite nifty
Richie was rich but he's soul quite empty
his parents bought everything he was spoiled plenty but
Still something was wrong inside the mind of his
he was spaced out attracted to fine violence
He would listen to Beethoven and play the violin
sometimes sat in his room in greater silence
Close his eyelids and picture the desires of burning fires
and hurting the kids in his choir
There was no sign of friends he was tired
of being sick and tired of being hit by Michael
So one day he buys a gun
two for the price of one
goes to school to have a little bit of fun
In the middle of the cafeteria where all the kids are
he looks around and thinks should he do something this bizarre


[Verse 2]
Here's another story about a boy named Cory
Cory was the opposite of Richie he was poor see
He was poor that couldn't afford heat
but they would have food on the table every morning
Step into his shoes to fill his little sore feet
He slept on the floor tucked under his little torn sheets
Mommy worked and daddy was sipping forties
mommy was too busy to spend a minute with Cory
See mommy had two jobs just to barely support him
And daddy was too drunk so he always ignored him
He's sick of if it he wishes he lived in a mansion
he wishes he was rich and was fitted in fashion
He went to school and the rich kids would always harass him
they picked on him and spit on him
you couldn't imagine
But this time Cory bought a gat as mad as a madman
In the cafeteria thinking should he just blast them


[Verse 3]
Richie's in the cafeteria chewing on his bubblegum
he's having racing thoughts everyone's in trouble son
Looking at the clock time is ticking he can hear the tock
Waiting for the perfect time to strike he's getting very hot
Cory's in the cafeteria thinking when to pop his glock
and he just heard someone's gum just pop
He turns around and sees a nervious little rich boy
looking paranoid
Sweating bullets all annoyed
Now they both get up it a game time
they both reach for guns at the same time
Richie looks at Cory
Cory looks at Richie
Cory yells at Richie "Are you insane? I would kill to be rich"
"That's what you think
my life isn't as it seems
I don't feel pain"

[Chorus x4]

[Outro x5]
There's still time to change the road