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Artist: Denace
Album:  Dead End (EP)
Song:   Intro
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Call this girl real quick
C'mon pick up
Oh! Okay, two rings and a voicemail. That's great
That's exactly what I wanted to hear. You're fucking voice. In a voicemail
Yo-uh, hey Deb, what's going on?
I've called you like, I don't know, maybe fifty times in the last, what?
Three hours?
I'm waiting for you to pick up the phone?
I just need to talk to you man, like
I been-I been drinking about you
What the! Fuck you! Gahddamnit man. People don't know how to fucking drive
Anyway, I been drinking about you. I been thinking about you
And I dunno what the fuckin I'm gonna do
You know? So. Please pick up the phone
We can talk about it, we can fix things and..
At least give me my closure, cause without my closure I go. Bananas
You know this. And I know this
Anyway, I'mma call you back, I'mma let you think about it and uh..
See you in a min-I mean I'll call you in a little bit
My life is fuckin beautiful
And there's snow outside. And it's cold
That's great. Love it
Alright cool. Umm, you know what I think it's been a while, I'mma call her again
O-oh that's great, another voicemail. Ha, she loves me. I know she does
She just playing hard to get. Fucking bitch
Oh hello? Debbie? Hey. Um. I'm leaving another voicemail
Um, just to say you can suck my dick and uh, I hope you fucking die
Yeah, I'm on my way to the bar right now
I'm gonna get fucked up and hopefully um, find a fine chick and take her home and fuck the shit outta her
Yeah, so. While I'm doing that, I hope you choke on a fucking pretzel
And uh, fucking rot. Kay?
Ohhh shit!